MOVIE: Sakura & Pearls

Sakura & Pearls: Healing from World War II

Documentary Synopsis

In 2016, U.S. President Barack Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe came together for a historic memorial service between two nations. They began to pay their respects to those who perished during World War 2 in Hiroshima, Japan and completed the memorial service at Pearl Harbor on Oahu, HI. It took 75 years for such a meeting to happen. The image of former U.S. President Obama hugging the crying Hiroshima Atomic Bomb survivor, Shigeaki Mori-san, made the cover of the New York Times, Japan Today, and countless other newspapers around the world. This powerful exchange of respect still reverberates today.

Sakura & Pearls is a documentary that begins with this historic meeting. It tracks the experiences of both Japanese atomic bomb survivors and American survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor. In a bold attempt to find healing for the scars of World War II, G. K. Hunter brings together the survivors from both sides to explore the possibility of forgiveness. He asks these elders to share their wisdom with the future generations in a time when international tensions are mounting.

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G. K. Hunter interviewing Shigeaki Mori-san after he embraced former U.S. President Barack Obama at the Hiroshima memorial service. Mori-san was gracious enough to do this interview in his Hiroshima home before he addressed the United Nations.

The potent emotions expressed during the memorial services at Hiroshima and Pearl Harbor show us that the reconciliation process is still happening. In an effort to continue the forgiveness between two cultures, Sakura & Pearls is bringing together the survivors of Pearl Harbor to meet the atomic bomb survivors from Hiroshima and Nagasaki for a special healing encounter at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center on Oahu, HI. To help gauge the generational impact that World War II still has on us today, the children and grandchildren of survivors are also interviewed as they honor their families for carrying the heaviest burdens from World War II.

Pearl Harbor Survivor (U.S.S. Pennsylvania) & Educator Everett Hyland with director G. K. Hunter.

The film culminates to a touching tribute at the Lantern Floating Hawaii ceremony where all who perished at Pearl Harbor and from the Atomic Bomb attacks are honored with candle lit lanterns. This memorial event will take place on the U.S. Memorial Day, Monday May 27th, 2019.

Sakura & Pearls: Healing from World War II will premiere at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center on Wed. Dec. 4th, 2019 as part of the Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day programs.