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Optimize your website, correct mistakes, and repair Google/Bing penalties

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Develop a comprehensive SEO plan based on your marketing goals and branding.

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SEO Content Writing that stays on top of Google and Bing Results

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Develop a comprehensive SEO plan based on your marketing goals and branding.

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SEO combined with high HIPAA Compliance Standards

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SEO customized for Small Business and Local SEO searches

SEO That Works

You may have heard the term SEO before in work circles or from a marketing agency. Search Engine Optimization is an online art that gets a website found on Google, Bing, and Alexa searches. If your website or business gets into the top spots on Google alone, you’ll see a surge of new visitors to your website to read your blogs or sell your products/services. SEO is a game changer when implemented by the right expert. But in the hands of a beginner, it can be a slow and fruitless process. How do know if an SEO service really works? Find out how to identify the different types of SEO services that actually work.


Search Engine Optimization Services

Any solid SEO strategy starts with an SEO Audit. This establishes a baseline of your website health, current ranking positions on search engines, as well as any major errors/search engine penalties that need to be corrected. Normally, a client of search optimization services will for the following:

1. Conduct an SEO audit of their website

2. Do a Competitor Analysis to see what’s already working in the rankings

3. Set goals for your website, including how many clicks, visitors, appointment bookings or product sales you want to achieve

4. Do an SEO consultation to review the website audit and make an SEO plan for the solutions

5. Plan your SEO Content Writing as this is the most important factor for continued growth of your website

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Top 5 SEO Strategies to Boost Organic Traffic to your Website:

  • Keyword Research to Find Established Searches
  • Restructure Your Website for SEO
  • SEO Content Writing
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Correct Technical SEO

Let’s break down each top SEO strategy to explain what it is and why it’s so important.

1. Do Keyword Research to Find Established Searches

Why reinvent the wheel if your readers and future customers are already typing a search related to your article? Conducting thorough keyword research involves pinpointing terms and phrases that potential customers frequently search for in relation to your products or services. Tools like the Moz Pro Keyword Explorer prove useful in this endeavor. Selection of keywords should be based on factors such as search volume, difficulty in ranking, and potential click-through rates. Once identified, these keywords should be woven into various elements of your webpage including meta titles, descriptions, and headers to enhance discoverability.

2. Restructure your Website to Make it Search Engine Friendly

A well-planned site structure ensures that visitors can navigate effortlessly to crucial pages, ideally within just a few clicks from the homepage. This not only serves SEO objectives but also improves user experience. An UX expert can assist in crafting this structure to aid both users in locating desired products and search engines in indexing your site effectively. Breadcrumbs are particularly helpful for expansive sites. Moreover, an XML sitemap should be created and submitted to Google through Google Search Console for optimal indexing.

3. Write High-Quality SEO Content to Attract New Visitors

High-value content on product pages can significantly influence Google’s preference to display your offerings. Incorporating targeted keywords, product reviews, and internal linking enhances relevancy. Ensure each product description is detailed, benefits from unique content to avoid duplication, and includes elements like specs and alt text for images.

4. Conduct Competitor Analysis to Borrow Effective Ranking Strategies

Integrating structured data into product pages can significantly impact how your products appear in search engine results, contributing to more prominent and appealing visibility. It’s crucial to regularly validate this data to identify any potential issues that may hinder performance in search engine results.

5. Correct Technical SEO Errors

Addressing technical SEO concerns is vital in building a fast, navigable, and secure online presence. Common technical hurdles to keep an eye on include non-HTTPS pages, absent XML sitemaps, slow loading speeds, improperly managed robots.txt files, missing canonical tags, broken links, redirects, and duplication in content. Addressing these errors and regular SEO audits can vastly improve a site’s search engine rankings.

Common Technical Issues Action Required
Non-HTTPS Secure with SSL
Missing XML Sitemap Generate and submit to GSC
Slow Site Speed Optimize performance
Incorrect Robots.txt Review and correct
Absent Canonical Tags Implement tags
Broken Links Find and repair
Redirection Issues Simplify redirect paths
Duplicate Content Create unique copy

Essential Elements for Effective SEO Strategies

Integral Parts of an Effective SEO Approach

  • Keyword Research: Identifying the right keywords that potential customers use to search for products or services.
  • Content Quality: Creating relevant, original content that provides value to users and encourages engagement.
  • Technical SEO: Optimizing the website’s technical setup, including site speed, mobile-friendliness, and indexing.
  • Link Building: Earning credible backlinks to enhance the site’s authority and trustworthiness.

SEO Optimization for Small Enterprises

  • Local SEO: Listing the business on local directories and optimizing for geo-targeted keywords.
  • User Experience: Simplifying navigation and design for a favorable user experience.
  • Content Strategies: Regularly updating the blog with helpful, industry-relevant content.

Priority Strategies for SEO Novices

  • Start with Keyword Optimization: Identify and target industry-specific keywords.
  • Focus on User Experience: Ensure the site is easy to navigate and loads quickly.
  • Monitor Progress: Use analytics tools to track SEO performance and make informed adjustments.

The Role of SEO in Digital Marketing

  • Visibility: SEO increases the organic visibility of the brand in search engines.
  • Traffic Acquisition: Drives targeted traffic to the website without paid advertising.
  • Conversion: Optimized content can enhance the chances of converting visitors into customers.

Most Effective Techniques for SEO Success

Technique Description
Quality Content Produce authoritative content that caters to user intent.
On-Page Optimization Optimize title tags, headings, and meta descriptions.
Mobile Optimization Ensure your site is mobile-friendly and responsive.
User Engagement Use multimedia and interactive elements to engage users.

Universal SEO Best Practices

  • Consistent Content: Publish quality content on a regular basis.
  • User Experience: Ensure the site is user-friendly and engaging.
  • Mobile Optimization: Make the website responsive for mobile users.
  • Technical Health: Regularly check the site for crawl errors and broken links.
  • Authority Building: Acquire high-quality backlinks from reputable sources.

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Transform your Business – Take the SEO Transformation Challenge

I’m an SEO that cares about my clients and I will do everything in my power to ensure that you reach new heights in your online presence and your revenue. Take a look at what I did for a physician private practice in only 7 months.

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In just 7 months, their online bookings of patients went up over 500%.

I customize my approach based on your needs and your unique offerings. My clients include:

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Timeframe for Initial SEO Outcomes:

  • Initial Results: 4 to 6 months
  • Transformational Results: 12-18 months
  • Full Achievement of Goals: Varies based on tactics and objectives

Factors Influencing Duration:

  • Goals
  • Campaign strategies
  • Google and Bing algorithm updates: Search engine optimization progress is not instant; it unfolds over months as strategies take effect because search engines have put in certain guardrails to prevent abuse of search engine results. An expert SEO will be able to work within the rules of Google and Bing to quickly advance your website in the rankings in about 6 months.
G. K. Hunter

G. K. Hunter

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 Written by G. K. Hunter, an SEO Savant and Content Creator who’s work has been featured on NPR’s “All Things Considered”, PBS, and Business Insider.  His blogs are consistently ranked in the top spots on Google, at times beating HealthLine, WebMD, and The National Institutes of Health in the search results. His past research experience at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and at his alma mater Cornell University ensure that he can handle any level of SEO writing a client may need.

When he’s not surfing the web in search of keywords for his SEO content, he’s surfing waves in tropical locales.

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