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G. K. Hunter

SEO Content Creator

An SEO Content Creator is an expert in both search engine optimization tactics and high quality writing.  I create blogs, books, and documentaries that get found on search engines like Google, Bing, and Alexa.

My documentary Sakura & Pearls: Healing from WWII debuted on PBS. Hear my NPR “All Things Considered Interview” about how I facilitated a meeting between Hiroshima Atomic Bomb survivors and Pearl Harbor Attack survivors for the documentary.

I won’t stop until your website or creative project gets found.


SEO Blog Writer, Author, & Ghostwriter

I first began writing to document my work as a Healer and Group Facilitator 15 years ago, which led to my first book Healing Our Bloodlines: The 8 Realizations of Generational Liberation. Sharing the insights gleaned from working with a few thousand clients and workshop attendees over 2 decades, Healing Our Bloodlines shares an unique approach to generational healing called Bloodline Healing. The goal of this unconventional approach is to release the invisible burdens that we inherit from our family trees so that we can find our true purpose.


500 blog posts later, I’ve become a seasoned SEO blog writer and Google specialist that has helped my clients gain hundreds of thousands of new visitors to their websites.  My specialties include:


  • Blog writing about science, health and medicine
  • Breaking down research into everyday terms
  • Explaining new approaches in therapy and integrative medicine
  • Inspirational non-fiction about the generation gap

Ghostwriting your self help book with me is easy. In the same way that I conduct interviews for my documentaries, I’ll ask you questions about your topic. Then, I’ll transform your manuscript into a well structured and inspiring self help guide. You have the option to video record the interview to be used in YouTube videos and on social media for book promotion. 


I also surf.

Healing Our Bloodlines book by self help author G. K. Hunter
Author G. K. Hunter surfing a big wave in Haleiwa, Oahu, Hawaii

Founder of Gen Unison

My charitable work focuses on stabilizing the planet so that the future generations can survive, and thrive, in a chaotic world. 

I founded the non-profit Gen Unison to bridge the generation gap. We organize intergenerational teams to conduct community projects for renewable energy and clean water. Gen Unison also offers a mentor matching service for Millennials and Gen Z. 

Healer & Group Facilitator

I started a coaching practice 25 years ago before it was cool. This work has honed my skills as an accomplished group facilitator and trusted advisor to innovative companies and non-profits.

As a group facilitator, I specialize in cross-cultural bridge building, team building around individual talents and intergenerational conflict resolution.

My past experience also qualifies me to write and produce content around forgiveness, reconciliation, and intergenerational cooperation.

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