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SEO Consulting Services with an Expert SEO Consultant

Arriving at the top of Google, Bing, and Alexa searches are key to finding new clients for any business, from freelancers to larger companies. SEO (Search engine optimization) are a group of services that optimize both your website and the content is shares so that you can rank on page one of search engines. What can SEO Consulting Services do for you? Read on.

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What are SEO Services?

SEO services are a series of tactics to update your website, your website content, and your ability to communicate with the search engine’s Artificial Intelligence in order to reach the top spots in search engine results. The main goal of SEO is to reach the top 3 spots to increase the number of visitors to your website to secure new customers or readers.

Note: SEO services will make your online competitors envious of you.

Benefits of SEO

  • Expand your online presence
  • Increase the amount of website visitors to increase your new customer leads
  • Improve your rankings on Google Maps
  • Surge your website on search engines by winning top spots on Google, Bing, and Alexa

My SEO Consulting Services include:

  • SEO Website Audit and Competitor Analysis
  • SEO Consultations for Website Migrations and Keyword Expansion
  • Organic SEO Services – Dominate Google Rankings without Paid Ads
  • WordPress SEO Services
  • My SEO Packages

My SEO Services Include:

  • SEO Audits and Competitor Analysis
  • SEO Consultations 
  • Healthcare SEO for Physicians and Therapists
  • SEO Content Writing 
  • Small Business SEO

 Connect with G. K. Hunter by booking a free 15 minute consultation.

Keyword Research to find Back Doors to Ranking on Google

In any SEO strategy, keyword research serves as an essential initial step. It involves identifying and analyzing the search terms users enter into search engines, providing invaluable insights into user behavior. By targeting these keywords, businesses can tap into the user’s intent, providing the information they are looking for and thereby improving the website’s visibility and ranking on Google.

Keyword research can also uncover hidden opportunities, allowing businesses to target specific niches and gain an edge over their competitors.

SEO Audit for Your Website

Conducting an SEO audit is a comprehensive examination of the current performance of a website’s search engine optimization. It evaluates both strengths and weaknesses, pinpointing areas that require improvement. This assessment covers various elements such as technical functionality, traffic flow, and backlinks to ensure optimal optimization for search engines.

The results of an SEO audit act as a strategic guide for businesses looking to enhance their online presence through targeted efforts. By identifying key areas in need of enhancement, companies can effectively prioritize their actions towards achieving maximum impact on search engines.

SEO Competitor Analysis

Conducting a thorough competitor analysis in the highly competitive online landscape can offer valuable insights and give you an edge. It involves examining your rivals’ SEO strategies, studying their methods and approaches.

This knowledge can assist you in pinpointing potential areas for improvement in your own SEO strategy, ensuring that you stay ahead of the game against your competitors.


SEO Content Writing

SEO Content Writing

SEO content writing is an essential strategy that intertwines search engine optimization techniques with high-quality content creation to improve a website’s visibility and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).  SEO content writing involves the creation of captivating, well-crafted and keyword-rich content that appeals to both users and search engines. This specialized form of writing involves crafting informative, engaging, and valuable content that targets specific keywords and phrases relevant to a business or topic, making it easier for search engines to understand and index the content effectively. By doing so, SEO content writing helps to attract organic traffic, build authority, and establish a strong online presence.

The key to successful SEO content writing lies in balancing keyword optimization with readability, ensuring that the content not only resonates with search engines but also provides a compelling and useful experience for the reader. To increase website traffic, producing high-quality content has the power to engage visitors effectively, resulting in higher conversion rates and improved sales figures. It’s important for businesses or websites looking to maximize their online presence as it can significantly impact user retention.


On-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization, also referred to as page SEO, concentrates on improving the various elements of a website such as meta tags, headings and internal links in order to increase its rankings on search engines. These factors have a significant impact on how search engines assess and position a site. Well-optimized websites are easily indexed by search engines, which leads to better visibility and increased organic traffic.

Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization, also referred to as off-page SEO, focuses on establishing the credibility and authority of a website through external elements such as backlinks and engagement on social media platforms. A robust portfolio of backlinks indicates to search engines that the website can be trusted, ultimately resulting in higher rankings on search engine results pages.

Engaging with audiences via social media can significantly increase visibility for a website and drive organic traffic. This means that rather than paid or sponsored advertising methods, having an active presence on social media can attract visitors organically without spending additional resources.

Benefits of SEO Services


Technical SEO to Enhance Communication with Search Engines

Technical SEO is a crucial element of SEO that addresses the technical aspects of a website, such as its loading speed, mobile compatibility, and proper sitemap organization. By optimizing these components, companies can improve their websites’ functionality and interaction with search engines, which ultimately results in higher rankings on search engine pages and increased organic traffic.

Site Speed as an SEO Priority

In the realm of SEO, website speed plays a crucial role as it not only enhances user experience but also gains favor from search engines. A slow-loading website can cause frustration for users and ultimately result in increased bounce rates and lower rankings on search engine results.

By prioritizing site speed optimization, companies can effectively elevate their website’s user experience, which leads to greater engagement levels and improved conversion rates, all factors that are highly valued by both users and search engines alike.

Mobile Optimization: Catering to the On-the-Go User

Mobile Optimization

As the number of mobile users continues to rise, having a well-optimized website for mobile devices has become crucial in terms of SEO. This involves creating a user-friendly experience on smartphones and other handheld gadgets, catering to the growing population accessing the internet through these devices. Not only does it improve user satisfaction but also boosts rankings on search engines as they tend to favor websites that are optimized for mobile use.

Sitemap and Crawl Issues

The efficiency of a website and its rankings on search engines can be affected by problems with sitemaps and crawling. Sitemaps serve the purpose of providing an understanding of the site’s structure for search engine crawlers, making it easier for them to index it accordingly. Conversely, any crawl issues can hinder this indexing process, ultimately leading to lower rankings from these powerful tools.

It is imperative that businesses address such matters in order to ensure their websites are comprehended efficiently by search engines’ algorithms as well as indexed smoothly. By doing so, they will increase visibility online along with higher placement among results provided by popular searches.

Customized SEO Strategy

Every company is different, and its search engine optimization (SEO) plan should reflect that individuality. A personalized SEO approach is designed to suit the particular requirements and aims of a business, considering factors such as their target audience, competitors’ presence in the market, and industry dynamics. This tailored method ensures that the SEO strategy aligns with the objectives of the business for maximum effectiveness and return on investment (ROI).

Competitor Analysis for Strategic Edge

One important component of a personalized SEO strategy is competitor analysis. By examining the SEO tactics employed by competitors, companies can obtain valuable insights on their strengths and weaknesses. This information enables them to pinpoint potential opportunities and devise more efficient strategies.

Having this strategic advantage could be the determining factor in standing out amongst competition instead of getting lost among numerous businesses with similar offerings.

Content Development

Central to every SEO plan is the creation of valuable content. Content that is informative, captivating and optimized with relevant keywords can attract potential customers and retain them on a website, leading to improved search engine rankings and increased organic traffic.

By producing tailored content that caters to the interests and needs of their specific target audience, companies can ensure they are effectively reaching out to their intended demographic. This results in higher levels of engagement from readers, which ultimately leads to conversions for businesses.


SEO Digital Marketing

SEO Digital Marketing

To achieve maximum efficiency, it is essential to integrate SEO into digital marketing strategies. The combination of various online techniques like social media and email marketing, content creation, and paid advertising alongside SEO can lead businesses towards a comprehensive approach that enhances search engine rankings while also boosting brand awareness and generating conversions.

Analytics and Performance Tracking

The effectiveness of an SEO strategy can be determined through the use of analytics and performance monitoring. By closely monitoring important SEO indicators like organic traffic, keyword rankings, and bounce rate, companies can gain valuable insights into their overall performance in order to make informed decisions for optimizing their strategy.

Local SEO: Capturing Community-Based Searches

Local SEO is an essential aspect of a company’s overall SEO strategy when their target audience resides in a specific geographical region. The primary goal of local SEO is to improve the ranking for community-based searches, allowing businesses to appear higher in relevant local search results and draw in more customers from the nearby area.

Optimizing for Google My Business

Google My Business Optimization

Utilizing Google My Business is an essential strategy for enterprises seeking to enhance their local search engine optimization. By effectively optimizing their profile on this platform, companies can improve their ranking in local searches and increase visibility among potential customers within the area. This not only makes it easier for them to be found, but also encourages engagement with a targeted audience through higher placement in search results.

Leveraging Local Citations, Databases and Reviews

Local SEO relies heavily on utilizing local citations, databases, and reviews. These components are essential in establishing a solid online presence within the business’ immediate community. Not only does this increase their credibility, but it also helps attract more customers from the surrounding area who may be searching for products or services they offer.

SEO Service Costs

In the United States, SEO specialists with intermediate experience typically charge between $100 and $250 per hour. Those with expert-level skills, known for delivering quicker and more thorough outcomes, command fees ranging from $250 to $500 per hour, depending on their past perfromance and the project’s scale. SEO practitioners from outside North America often have rates from $15 to $80 per hour. Caution to US, Canadian, and Mexican citizens: SEO professionals from outside North America’s legal jurisdiction may pose a risk as there may be no legal recourse if they fail to adhere to ethical SEO practices. Be careful when giving access to your website, Google Business Profile, Google Analytics and Google Search Console accouts. 

For ongoing SEO maintenance, a medium-sized website with around 100 pages generally incurs a monthly cost of about $3,000. Smaller sites usually see maintenance costs of around $1,500 per month. The maintenance of larger websites, with over 200 pages, can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 monthly, which varies based on the site’s complexity and the volume of content being consistently produced.

SEO audits for small to medium-sized sites are typically a single expense that falls between $500 and $1,000. Larger sites will require a tailored quote to accommodate their specific needs.


Selecting the Right SEO Agency for Your Business

Choosing the correct SEO agency can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your SEO endeavors. The ideal agency will comprehend your company’s objectives and requirements, employ ethical techniques for search engine optimization, and possess a proven history of accomplishments.

They should be able to communicate effectively with you throughout the process so that you are kept informed at all times and can make well-informed decisions regarding your seo strategy.

Ensuring Ethical SEO Techniques

It is crucial to confirm that your chosen SEO agency implements ethical strategies when optimizing your website. Unethical tactics, such as overusing keywords and participating in link farming activities, have the potential to result in penalties from search engines and negatively impact your site’s ranking over time.

By utilizing ethical SEO techniques, you can ensure sustainable success on search engine rankings while safeguarding against any possible repercussions for violating guidelines set by these platforms.




What does an SEO consultant do?

A crucial aspect of an SEO consultant’s job is to optimize a website for search engines, aiming to improve its visibility in search engine results. This includes conducting thorough keyword research and devising effective content strategies tailored towards enhancing the site’s performance. They also work on improving existing content on the site and addressing any technical issues that may hinder its ranking.

An SEO consultant oversees various activities such as developing comprehensive content plans, building quality links with other websites and implementing strategic keywords for improved rankings on popular search engines.


What are white-hat SEO tactics?

White-hat SEO strategies are ethical methods used to improve a website’s ranking on search engines. They involve the creation of top-notch content, enhancement of user experience, establishment of high-quality backlinks and adherence to search engine guidelines. These tactics are preferred by search engines as they can lead to lasting results over time.

In contrast to other techniques that may be deemed unethical or manipulative by some search engines, white hat SEO follows standards set forth by these platforms for quality and credibility. This includes producing valuable and relevant content for users while also improving their overall browsing experience through optimized site structure and navigation. Building reputable links from credible sources further.

What is a Google penalty of my website?

A Google penalty is when a website experiences a drop in its search engine rankings as a result of changes made to the algorithms used by Google or through manual review. These penalties are often imposed for practices deemed unethical according to SEO standards, such as excessive use of keywords or participating in link farming schemes.

If your website has been penalized by Google, you will receive notification through their Search Console tool. This report will outline any manual actions taken against your site and provide insight into potential issues that may be negatively impacting its ranking on search engines.

What are 3 main areas of SEO?

There are three primary aspects of search engine optimization (SEO): technical, on-page, and off-page. It is crucial to have a thorough understanding of how each aspect influences the performance and credibility of your website.

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My SEO Consulting Services include:

My other SEO Services Include:


Frequently Asked Questions about SEO Marketing Services

How Much Should I pay for SEO Services?

Intermediate level SEO’s charge between $100-$250 USD per hour in the US. Expert level SEO provide much faster and comprehensive results, with the average cost being between $250-$500 USD depending on their proven track record and scope of project. Overseas SEO’s typically range between $15-$80 USD per hour, however providing access to your website to a country outside of North America’s jurisdiction means there is no real legal means to recover your website if the SEO doesn’t abide by SEO code of ethics. Average monthly cost for SEO website maintenance for a medium sized site of about 100 pages is approximately $3000/month. Small SEO website maintenance typically cost $1500.month. SEO website maintenance for large websites of 200 pages or more range between $5000-$15000 based on complexity of the site and the amount of content created on an ongoing basis.  Professional SEO audits are a one-time cost between $500-$1000 for small and medium sized websites. Larger websites require a customized quote.


Comprehensive SEO Services Checklist

A thorough SEO service package typically includes the following components:

  • Keyword Research: Identifying and targeting relevant search terms.
  • On-Page Optimization: Improving elements on a website to rank better.
  • Content Creation: Producing high-quality content that targets keywords.
  • Link Building: Acquiring valuable backlinks from reputable sources.
  • Technical SEO: Enhancing a website’s technical aspects to aid indexing and crawling.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Monitoring progress and adjusting strategies accordingly.

What is SEO?

SEO, or “Search Engine Optimization,” is a methodology employed to enhance a brand’s digital footprint across the web. By optimizing a company’s website and its digital content, it’s more likely to appear on the first page of search engine results. This optimizes online visibility, ensuring potential customers find the company more quickly. The cornerstone of SEO is to elevate a website’s standing in organic search listings.

Understanding the Mechanics of SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves refining your website to appeal to search engines such as Google and Bing. This ensures that the site’s content is easily interpreted during search engine crawls, thereby improving its visibility.

  • Content Understanding: Search engines inspect and evaluate the site’s content to glean what topics your website covers.
  • Organic Traffic Enhancement: SEO aims to boost both the amount and quality of traffic to your site naturally, without paid advertisements.
  • Authority Building: A solid SEO approach positions your website as a credible source, leading to search engines directing more users your way.

By adhering to these SEO best practices, websites can achieve better rankings in search results and draw in visitors with genuine interest in their offerings.

Tailoring SEO for Different Search Engines

  • Google Dominance: A primary focus on Google’s SEO guidelines is advisable due to its vast user base. Bing is also important as it serves Alexa and DuckDuckGo.
  • Organic Traffic: Google claims the lion’s share, influencing rank impact significantly.
  • Search Engine Nuances: Despite variances among engines, Google’s optimization often aligns with others.

SEO Campaign Investment

Engaging a proficient SEO company or specialist is essential for a successful digital strategy, and should be factored into the marketing budget. Costs vary with project requirements, tailored to specific business goals. Expect to see professional SEO services bill at an average of:

  • Hourly Rate: Between $250-$500 depending on the scope of the campaign and the proven track record of the SEO.

Keep in mind this rate fluctuates based on the complexity of the tasks involved and location.


Absolutely, one can implement their own SEO strategies by acquiring the necessary skills and a willingness to learn through practice. However, SEO demands considerable time and attention to detail with a focus on both technical aspects and on-page elements. To effectively maintain and improve a website’s optimization, staying informed about ongoing changes in search engine algorithms is crucial. Keep in mind that SEO is time consuming and an experienced SEO will save you time (and money) in the long run because they generate new revenue in a matter of months. A high quality SEO is worth their weight in gold.

  • Technical SEO: Ensures search engines can crawl and index a site effectively.
  • On-page SEO: Involves optimizing individual web pages for relevant content and keywords.

Maintain vigilance on search engine updates to sustain site relevance.


Optimizing your website for better search engine rankings involves multiple elements. Here are some key factors:

  • Site Speed: A swift loading website enhances user experience and reduces bounce rate. Anticipating the forthcoming Google Core Web Vitals update, it’s crucial to improve loading times.
  • Keyword Strategy: Selecting the appropriate keywords is crucial for aligning with what your target audience is searching for, ensuring your website is visible under relevant queries.
  • Quality of Content: Delivering high-quality content engages visitors, encouraging them to spend more time on your website. Prolonged engagement can lead to improved search engine rankings.


  • Content Relevance: Search engines prioritize content that effectively answers users’ queries.
  • Authority: Quality, in-depth blog posts establish a site as a knowledgeable source.
  • On-Page Optimization: Proper use of SEO strategies enhances blog visibility.

Blogging, when executed with a focus on search engine optimization, has the potential to amplify a site’s SEO efficacy. It’s essential for content to be not only rich in quality but also crafted with the aim of addressing key industry questions, thereby positioning the site as a thought leader. Integrating on-page SEO techniques ensures that search engines can more readily discover and index the blog content.

Is Organic Search Optimization Superior to Paid Ads?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategies are pivotal in promoting websites and affirming a brand’s credibility within its field. SEO provides more value for your investment over time compared to PPC. SEO is not without cost or effort, requiring sustained resources to effectively implement, yet it promises significant, enduring benefits. Ordinarily, utilizing both SEO and PPC in harmony tends to yield the most advantageous outcomes.

  • Investment Return: SEO generally offers better long-term ROI.
  • Cost: Both SEO and PPC require investment, but impacts of SEO last longer.
  • Strategy Integration: Combining SEO with PPC often leads to optimal performance.


Timeframe for Initial SEO Outcomes:

  • Initial Results: 4 to 6 months
  • Transformational Results: 12-18 months
  • Full Achievement of Goals: Varies based on tactics and objectives

Factors Influencing Duration:

  • Goals
  • Campaign strategies
  • Google and Bing algorithm updates: Search engine optimization progress is not instant; it unfolds over months as strategies take effect because search engines have put in certain guardrails to prevent abuse of search engine results. An expert SEO will be able to work within the rules of Google and Bing to quickly advance your website in the rankings in about 6 months.
G. K. Hunter

G. K. Hunter

SEO Consultant & SEO Content Creator

Written by G. K. Hunter, an SEO Content creator who directed the PBS Documentary “Sakura & Pearls; Healing from WWII”, authored the book of “Healing Our Bloodlines”, and top ranked blogger on Google. His work has been featured on PBS, NPR, and Business Insider.


When he’s not surfing the web in search of keywords for his SEO content, he’s surfing waves in tropical locales.

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