Lava in Hawaii: A Path Through Crisis Emerges

walloflavaJust a few miles away from my old neighborhood on the Big Island of Hawaii, two new fissures crack the surface of the earth and ooze molten lava. So far, 35 structures have burned to the ground and several roads have been blocked by tarry black barricades. These fissures spit yellow and orange magma onto the nearby trees. They catch fire too, making the air smell like a gritty barbecue of roasting rotten eggs. The continued expansion of the lava implored Hawaii to declare a State of Emergency.

In times of crisis, we get tunnel vision that makes us focus on what can potentially harm us. We worry about how bad it can get. We move fast in hopes that we can stay ahead of the fallout that can happen during a crisis. When lava is engulfing your home, it is hard to believe that anything good can come from this disaster. The lava is burning away what is familiar and this can be scary.

But if we take a breath, if we take one step back, it is possible to see crisis in a new light. Going through a crisis is not the worst thing that can happen to us. Enduring the crisis alone is worse than going through it with support. The catastrophes of our lives have a way of breaking down our resistance to asking for help.

The first lesson crisis teaches us is to receive help from others. Aid often comes in ways we didn’t expect. On the Big Island of Hawaii, people are already rescuing each others’ pets who are trapped by the edge of the lava. My friend recently rescued two cats and hopes to find their owners. Clothes and food drives have come together locally. As people from the mainland U.S. and other nations watch the volcano eruption on the news, they have already begun donating to the Red Cross for disaster relief.

If we take two steps back, we realize that a devastating crisis brings us new opportunities that we wouldn’t have been able to receive in the comfort zone of our daily routines. Seeing people in need may inspire us to help others by becoming a community leader. The loss of a home may give us the motivation to accept a new position in a new place that may bring us unexpected friendships, partnerships, and career advancement. People who we haven’t talked to in years may suddenly reconnect with you. These unanticipated gifts are often inspired by struggle.

When we are stuck in a comfortable routine, we miss the opportunities that reside just outside of our comfort zone. As I talk to those who are directly impacted by the evacuation on the Big Island, they are all grateful to be alive, no matter what physical possession they may have lost. So far, there have been no deaths from the eruption of the volcano.

If we take a few more steps back from lava destruction, we can realize that these beautiful Hawaiian Islands were all formed by volcanoes, all of them connected to the same stream of magma beneath us. Big Island alone was formed by 5 volcanoes, of which only Kilauea is the last remaining active volcano is all of Hawaii. It is true that lava has destroyed homes and this loss is felt by the families directly affected. They are in our hearts and prayers. But the lava is the raw creative force that is still creating the island. Nature is just doing what is has been doing for nearly 500,000 years as it continues to make the Big Island such a fertile paradise. This is how the island grows.

As we watch the disaster of Hawaii unfold, it reminds us that we are not alone when we also go through a crisis. The most challenging moments of our lives invite support, if we share what we are going through with others.  Without revealing your struggle, others won’t know to help. You don’t have to endure your crisis alone.

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Personal Retreats in Hawaii

kahala beach palm tree

Imagine yourself creating a personally meaningful shrine in your hotel room or vacation home on the island of Oahu. This shrine calls forth your hidden strengths and your ability to manifest the life that you have been longing to live. It becomes the symbolic reminder that life has so much more to offer you when you step into your personal power.

In front of the shrine, you share about the hardships and burdens which have been blocking you from feeling the fulfillment in your daily life. While you release the emotions about these struggles, the friend that you brought is holding your hand in loving support. You ask yourself: “Why did I have to go through this hardship?” This process washes away the burdens you have been carrying and the gifts from the struggle are finally revealed. At the end of the process, I hold up a mirror so that you can see, firsthand, your newfound strength.

After the work for the day is done, you walk to the beach and plunge into the warm turquoise waters of Hawaii. The ocean pulls the pain away from you and reinvigorates your body with liquid celebration. The sight of palm trees and green mountains, the smell of tropical flowers, and the rolling sound of the ocean waves clear your senses so that you can truly remember how sweet life can be. You sleep that night feeling understood and replenished in a way that your busy life doesn’t normally allow.

Personal retreats in Hawaii are a powerful and enjoyable way to clear away the old and invite a fresh perspective into your life. What better place to shed the rough past and to remember the feeling of mother nature’s gentle embrace than Hawaii? This healing can happen if you make your self care a priority. Then you will see why many of my clients make an annual journey to Hawaii to renew themselves.

For more information visit: Hawaii Retreats or call 646 296-2194 to set up a free 30 minute planning meeting.

man on chair at beach


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40 Years Young: My Recipe for Youth

I just returned from my first trip to Costa Rica where I celebrated my 40th Birthday. What better way to enjoy this milestone than to see a beautiful country for a surf trip. The people were warmhearted, the food was fresh, and the waves were plenty.

Because I just turned 40, a lot of people asked me if I felt old. I answered them truthfully that I still feel young. My response wasn’t a positive affirmation, it was just my experience. In my 30’s, I discovered surfing which has since become a passion of mine. Today, I feel that I am in the best shape of my life and able to do so much more on a surfboard than when I was 5 years younger.

I documented that vitality with my GoPro camera strapped to my surfboard as I braved the head high waves. You can see that energizing clip here:


To sum up the secret to my vitality at 40 years old, I share my recipe for sustained youth:
FOOD that fully nourishes your body
FAMILY that truly nourishes your heart
FUN that enlivens your spirit with laughter
Be young. Be energy in motion.

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Introducing 30 Min. Spiritual Guidance Sessions

There are times in our lives when we need guidance. Guidance can be seen as an outside perspective or as new wisdom that we need to complete a puzzle in our life. Whether facing a career change, preparing to have children, or navigating a difficult relationship conflict, a Spiritual Guidance Session can clarify our sense of purpose, validate our own intuitions, and provide a fresh way to approach an old problem.

The 30 minute Spiritual Guidance Session starts by choosing an area of life that needs more clarity. These areas include your work in the world, your personal relationships, the future of your family, or even how to progress in your financial growth.

Because the sessions are only 30 minutes long, our work must focus on one specific topic. Due to the length of the session, there is no guarantee that multiple issues will be addressed or that a full reading of every area of your life will be provided. Additional topics can be covered if time permits.

This session starts by asking a question about your life. An example of this would be “I was offered two different job opportunities. Which one is the right fit for me?” Or, “Something is wrong with my daughter but I can’t put my finger on it. What is going on with her?” Guidance offers you a new way to look at life decisions by bringing forth new information with the intention of validating your own inner voice of intuition. When you hear something that is valid, it will ring true inside. A deeper part of you will know it to be true. By locating that specific voice inside that knows your truth, you become more empowered to make the right decisions for you and your kin. Guidance sessions don’t tell you what to do, they awaken the part of you that intuitively knows its next step. These sessions also ask you to look at decisions from different angles where you might have blind spots so that you can make the best decision possible.

Spiritual Guidance session clarify what blocks you are working on. Once the session clarifies your blocks, you can then journal about the blocks and your feelings after the session. If necessary, you can book a session with your therapist to work through the emotional components of the blocks. I can provide you with a trusted referral to an energy healer or therapist if it becomes clear that you need ongoing work.

The Spiritual Guidance session is different than an Energy Healing or a Bloodline Healing session in that it doesn’t entail processing out the emotions or energetic blocks through hands on intervention. Instead, they clarify what directions you need to take for real life decisions and bring fresh information to an existing struggle. Thus, the guidance session doesn’t entail direct energy work. It moves energy by awakening your own inner voice of intuition.

The new Spiritual Guidance session lasts 30 minutes long and costs $90. It is also possible to use this session to help prioritize multiple problems that you are working on simultaneously. This entails laying out numerous situations in different areas of your life and receiving guidance on which problem to focus on first. It may also reveal how the various problems may be interrelated.

The best way to prepare for a Spiritual Guidance session is to write down a list of struggles in your life that you are trying to resolve. The first few moments of the session can be used to go through them and see which issue has the most charge on it. From there, intuition takes over and helps us fill in the blanks.

One advantage to the Spiritual Guidance session is that there is faster availability for these session as opposed to the regular 60 minute Energy Healing session or the 75 minute Bloodline Healing Session.

For Bookings, Please call George Kamana Hunter at 646-296-2194 or email



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“Lion Heart: The Will to Live” Blog Post

Aloha All

As we enter into the New Year, I’d like to share a remarkable, or dare I say miraculous, story of recovery from illness. Meet Alex Flatley, a young college student who found himself in a coma during his final exams. He was diagnosed with encephalitis, viral meningitis, and sepsis. For those not in the medical field, that means that his entire body, including his brain and spinal column, was infested with a variety of bacteria and viruses to such a degree that it threatened his life. His doctors prepared his family for the worse and gave little hope for Alex’s survival.

While he was in a coma, Alex felt a profound connection to his deceased father who had died just 4 years before Alex had collapsed into a coma. His father in spirit told him to be strong and don’t give up. And he did. Shortly after the spiritual contact with his father on the other side, Alex awoke from the coma.

When he first woke up, he wasn’t able to recognize his own mother.  Alex thought she was a nurse. His physicians again prepared the family for the possibility that he might not regain his mental functioning. His physician said that he wouldn’t be able to return to school again for his next semester 3 months after his coma. But Alex was determined to continue living his life. With the help of his mother, he ate right, walked every day, and eventually recalled some memories from the past. He proved the experts wrong again by going back to school after the summer break. That semester, he made the Dean’s list.

When I first spoke to Alex on the phone, he had already been through this ordeal. I was humbled by the sheer power of his story. The thing that struck me most about Alex was his amazing will to live, as well as his boundless optimism. He refreshed my belief that human beings are capable of so much more than we expect. I am grateful to his medical team that kept treating him no matter how grim the odds may have looked. I honor his mother and family for believing in his ability to recover. In Alex, I honor his will to live his life to the fullest. Take a look at Alex Flatley now in this short video titled “Lion Heart”. Dream big this New Year!


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