Upcoming Workshop at Bloodline Workshop at Brandeis-Bardin


Time is moving fast, as I think about the next Bloodline Healing workshop scheduled for October 10th-13th, 2013.  I am already impressed with the people who have enrolled in the workshop so far, as they are all people who’s families have endured major historic events.  Their sincerity and courage to do this important generational healing inspires me to reach more people. 

I’ve seen people transform their lives in just one weekend. This was made possible through clear guidance from our experience facilitators as well as the right quality of support from fellow participants.  There is something powerful about being in a room full of people who have endured there same trials as you.  It both soothes and challenges participants at the same time.  It’s soothing to know that you are not alone in the pain you have inherited because other people have been through it too.  The empathy is so tangible in those moments.  It’s challenging as well because when you witness someone from a similar background take an empowered step towards greater self awareness, it expels any limiting beliefs that hold you back from doing the same.

But its not all hard work.  These retreats are fun!  How often do you get to get away from your busy life and just be real with other adventurous people?  This year, in addition to some fun at the pool and guided hikes, we will be having Saturday Night Community Campfire Time after dinner.  Its a chance to talk story with people and remember how amazing it feels to warm yourself by a fire.  This work frees up laughter like nothing else I’ve ever witnessed. 

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