The Private Practice of

George Kamana Hunter

Celebrating 16 Years of Private Practice


A Letter to My Clients


            “I’m moving to Los Angeles in early 2020!” I recently divulged to my colleague.

            “What???” she gasped. “But what about your surfing and your Hawaii lifestyle?”

            “Well, actually Southern California has consistent surfing,” I laughed. “I’ve surfed before at Huntington Piers and really enjoyed it. Yes, the water is colder in California. I will miss the warm, crystal teal ocean of Hawaii, but I have plenty of people to visit on Oahu whenever I need to recharge myself.”

            “What inspired the move?” she asked.

            Two weeks  ago, I did a TV interview about my new book Healing Our Bloodlines as part of my LA Book Tour. At the end of the interview, the host Juliet Mitchel asked me “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” I told her that I wanted to have my own TV show that tells inspiring stories about Catalysts. As I shared in my book, the Catalysts are those brave people who follow their passion and help their families liberate from cycles of pain that repeat with each new generation. They are the courageous people that stand up to emotional and physical abuse to break the cycle and clear a healthy path for the next generations.

“I want a talk show just like my favorite TV show This is Your Life with Ralph Edwards,” I told the host Juliet. The show began in the 1950’s and the reruns still have enormous gravity. Watching them reminds me that we need more of what Ralph Edwards had pioneered in TV; heartfelt respect. They featured people who had been through extraordinary circumstances. One of the people featured in my documentary, Sakura & Pearls, is Koko Kondo who was a 10 year old girl when she appeared on This is Your Life. She survived the atomic bomb in Hiroshima and then met American Capt. Lewis who co-piloted the Enola Gay which dropped the bomb on Koko’s hometown. For me, that show was the most powerful moment in television and I’m grateful that Ralph Edwards Productions will allow me to use a part of that episode in my documentary.     

            Many of my clients have shared in my amazement that I was offered a pilot talk show that focuses on the brave Catalysts who are changing the world for the future generations. After the initial celebration has happened, an important question arises. Many have asked, “Does this mean that you will stop seeing clients?” The concern in their voices is palpable, as if they were really asking me “Are you abandoning me?” Here is my detailed response to this important question. Also, you may find my article on Healing Wounds of Abandonment to be helpful.

            To my current clients that I have been working with on a regular basis, meaning people that I am working with on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, I offer the following reassurance. I will be available to you as I have been for the next year (until the end of September 2020). After which time, I will need to reassess my availability based on the developments happening with the TV show and with the documentaries that I am committed to do next year. It is very possible that my availability will be very limited by the end of next year. I believe that television, my books, and documentaries are the best avenues to spread the message that there is a path to liberation from the painful patterns in our families. After 15 years of testing out Bloodline Healing, I can wholeheartedly share that it works! Now it’s time to share this work with the world. They need to know that this path exists. It will also reassure all the Catalysts out there that they are not alone in their personal work.

            To my past clients that I haven’t worked with recently on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis, I also honor you for all the inspiration that you have given me. Our work together has been very important. Because my practice has been full for some time, I cannot guarantee that we will have the opportunity to work together again. If spots become available from cancellations, or a regular client completes their work, I will do my best to offer one time sessions as they become available. When I move to Los Angeles early next year (date TBD), I will be opening up one additional day a week to see clients in-person until September 2020. While I can’t guarantee ongoing work together, it will allow for one-time sessions to help you take your next steps. If the work you require needs more than one session, or if I am completely booked at the time that you call, I will of course provide you with a trusted referral to another qualified practitioner.

            I will return again in December to give a talk at the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust on Sunday Dec. 15th , 2019 at 4pm. When I finalize some other Book Tour appearances, I will open up sessions for booking a few weeks before the trip. Please visit GK Global Tour for the most up to date public events. 

            In January 2020, I will be shooting a 3 episode pilot of my talk show. The next step will be to show the pilot to TV channels as well as streaming services. It typically can take a year or so before the show is “picked up” and made available to the masses. This is why I’m giving a year notice to my clients out of respect for the wonderful work we have done together over the years. I will make a detailed announcement next year on when and where the show will appear.

            I’ve made the choice to honor this calling to share my work with the masses. I believe that the future generations need to know that this work exists in order for them to be free of the age old burdens that can delay the sharing of our brilliance. Each one of the people that I have worked with has been an important source of inspiration for me. I have often envisioned your faces when I was writing Healing Our Bloodlines. When guests appear on my talk show, they will undoubtedly be a reflection of the work that you, as a fellow Catalyst, are doing on yourself. I hope that they inspire you to dream big and follow those dreams. 

            It’s with humility that I admit that I am only one human being, and that I can’t maintain everything that I have done in the past while simultaneously giving these new developments the focus they require. The balance between writing a book, making a documentary, and serving as a full-time Healer to my clientele has already been a challenge. Because this is my first television show, I’m not sure what the energy and time commitments will be until I start doing it. But I’m sure that commitment will be substantial enough to warrant giving everyone advanced notice.

            Be part of this growing community of people like you. There are so many instances when people have met each other at one of these gatherings and have remained friends ever since. Thank you for the part you have played in the development of this work. You are a part of the change that I wish for the world. Visit my GK Global Tour for upcoming events!



Session Types Offered

 *Please Note that having a initial session with George Kamana Hunter is not a guarantee of continued work together on an ongoing basis. In the event that there is a waiting list for a regular weekly or bi-weekly spot, a referral to a trusted Intuitive Healer or therapist will be provided based on the needs of the client.

NEW!!  30 Minute Spiritual Guidance Session by Phone/Skype

This focused session starts with the client asking a question about a specific area of their life. It is used to gain clarity in a person’s work life, purpose in life, personal relationships, financial aspirations, and family life. Once a situation in the client’s life is shared, intuitive guidance is provided to help awaken the client’s own inner voice of truth. This session is also used to more efficiently clarify what blocks a client is holding so that they may enhance their processing work with their therapist.

The Spiritual Guidance Session entails

  • Intuitive guidance
  • Short exercises to help the client hear their own intuition more clearly
  • Faster availability than Energy Healing Sessions and Bloodline Healing Sessions

Note: This session does not entail Energy Healing.

Cost: $90 for the 30 minutes

Read More about the 30 minute Spiritual Guidance Session Here

60 minute Energy Healing Session by Phone/Skype

This more in depth session is designed to not only identify blocks and clarify next steps, but it also helps people to move through the energetic blocks they carry. Many of the hands on energy techniques have been adapted so that a client may receive energy from the healer from a distance. These energy techniques move emotions out of the body and return the body to a calm, balanced state in order to maximize healing. Special attention is given to clearing the nervous system, organ balancing, and scooping out heavy emotional residue from the emotional body. These hour long sessions are a more robust approach to resolving stress related physical conditions, gaining new insights on your life path, and returning back to an inner sense of peace and wellness.

The Energy Healing Session entails:

  • Intuitively identifying key blocks (frozen memories) held in the physical body
  • Providing new insights into relationship conflicts
  • Discharging stagnation and re-energizing the libido/life force
  • Energy Healing to re-balance the organs, release stress, and restore a general sense of wellness

Note: These sessions do not directly involve Bloodline Healing of multi-generational conflicts. 30 minute sessions are not available for energy work.

Cost: $180 for 1 hour

75 minute Bloodline Healing Sessions by Phone/Skype

Bloodline Healing is a form of multi-generational liberation that I developed along with a team of therapists and a physician. It seeks to release the residual impact of the family history so that the client can release old burdens and claim their deepest gifts. Bloodline Healing is most suited for people who are breaking free from familiar patterns of abuse, such as alcoholism, abandonment, family separations, sibling rivalries, and family expectations which conflict with your true sense of purpose. It is especially powerful for parents wanting to start a family or those who have recognized a unhealthy family pattern in their children. A healed parent produces healed children.

Bloodline Healing is also ideal for anyone who has lost a loved one and is actively grieving that loss. Perhaps there was an unfinished conversation with someone who is deceased or an issue around inheritance that needs clarification. Bloodline Healing offers a unique approach to these inter-generational issues and cross cultural conflicts.

Bloodline Healing Sessions entail:

  • Presenting your family tree in the beginning part of the call (a basic family tree is needed with your parents names and place of birth, your grandparents, and if you have them, your great grandparents. It is ok to have missing information in your family tree)
  • Stating a presenting issue to resolve or clarify
  • Intuitive guidance about the generational burdens and cyclic struggles which are still active in the family lineage
  • An Ancestral Dialogue, which is a unique opportunity for the client to speak to the deceased in a meaningful way. This cathartic dialogue can be very transformational.
  • Instruction on how to integrate and further process after the session is over.
  • Making a wish for the future healing of your family lineage.

Cost: $250 for 75 minutes

See A Bloodline Healing Session Performed on a Physician

30, 60, & 90 min. Supervision Sessions for Healers, Therapists, Doctors, & Nurses

These sessions are for intuitively reviewing the patients and clients that you are seeing with the intent of deepening the work. These sessions help to maintain the safety and integrity of the work for both clients and the providers. Supervision uncovers the next steps in your client/patient’s journey by revealing blind spots and directing the provider to the underlying reasons/memories beneath the behaviors. Readings are multi-level in nature, pertaining to the physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual layers of our being. All HIPAA regulations are followed and strict confidentiality is maintained at all times.

Cost:    $90 for 30 minutes

$180 for 60 minutes

75 minute In-Person Energy Healing & Bloodline Healing Sessions

            The aforementioned Energy Healing Sessions and Bloodline Healing Sessions are available to be experienced face to face. These sessions are 75 minutes long and can be booked as a double session for a total of 150 minutes (2.5 hours long). No shorter session times are available than the 75 minutes. These sessions are available as a “house call” at your hotel room in Hawaii or at my rented facility when I travel to your city in my regularly scheduled trips. My most frequent stops are to Los Angeles for work trips, which happen 4-6 times a year. The Energy Healing Session can involve hands on table work based on what is needed in the session. The Bloodline Healing Session entails everything as mentioned in the Bloodline Healing Session by Phone/Skype section.

Please call for updated rates.


What are Intuitive Senses?

“The Intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and had forgotten the gift.”  -Albert Einstein

I believe that everyone has some degree of intuitive ability.  For most people, they experience their intuition in the form of gut instincts that help them determine if someone is telling the truth or whether or not to take a job offer.  Mother’s intuition is another example; when a parent knows something is wrong with their child, even though they have no logical way of knowing of the danger.

My favorite example of everyday intuition can be seen in the holiday movie, “Home Alone.” Kevin, a young boy who wishes his family would disappear, finds himself alone in the house when his family rushes to the airport to catch their flight.  When Kevin’s mother finally catches her breath on the flying plane, she feels something is wrong.  Finally, she realizes what was bothering her as she screams, “Kevin!”  Something in her knew that she left her son behind.  Our intuition is a normal part of our intelligence, however we are conditioned to disown those gut instincts and mothering intuitions by society.  This is why it is so important to have intuitive specialists who hone their gifts and help others listen to their inner wisdom.

If you put two children in front of a piano, one of them may only be able to play “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and the other child may become the next Mozart.  This is because we all have different natural gifts and talents.  While each person has the potential to access their everyday intuition, some children grow up to be intuitive Mozart’s.  I am one of those specialists who has gained enough training, experience, and confidence in my intuitive abilities to help others to find healing and peace.

When I use my abilities, I often see little movies in my head which show me the unresolved memories of my clients.  Sometimes, I hear the voices and see the semblance of deceased loved ones who bring messages.  These intuitive senses are just an extension of our standard senses of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing.  On many occasions, clients have shared that they too have felt the presence of deceased loved ones or have had intensely intuitive dreams after healings sessions.  I embrace this as a normal part of the healing process.

What is Bloodline Healing?

Some of the struggles we face are personal to our lives.  However, many of the hardships, feelings, and problems in our life are cyclic, repeating in the family tree in each generation.  Our ancestral story can be handed down to the following generations, creating invisible burdens of unexpressed emotions and unfulfilled wishes.  For instance, the shame of being from a certain race or of being an immigrant can be passed down to you.  Another example is when your family expects you to be a lawyer, a politician, or a doctor, even though your heart longs to be an artist.  Some hereditary diseases can even be effected by the emotional history of your family.  These inherited feelings, beliefs, and expectations can steer our lives away from our true destiny

A Bloodline Healing session opens a portal to speak to your ancestors about the inherited patterns.  It is also a way of gaining support from your spirit ancestry in living your life.  A typical session involves:

  • Stating a wish for what you want to gain or be free of in your life.
  • Reviewing a basic family tree and presenting your family story.
  • Identifying specific expectations and unfulfilled dreams in your story that you have inherited.
  • Initiating an Ancestral Dialogue in order to speak to specific members of your deceased kin.  Many people tend to have tactile experiences where they feel the presence of their ancestors during this process.
  • Receiving love, nurture, and protection in the form of energy healing.
  • Setting boundaries with your family and relationships to aid the healing process.
  • At the end of the session, journal writing or writing letters to your ancestors is highly recommended to continue the positive effects of the session.

To prepare for a Bloodline Healing Session, complete a basic family tree which shows the names and place of origin for your parents and grandparents.  If you also know the names and origins of your great grandparents, please complete that as well.  It is ok to have holes in the family tree, as it is meant to be a basic map for the Bloodline Healing Process.  Intuition often fills in some of the blanks.

Bloodline Healing is an unique approach to healing. It is important to note that the services offered in my private practice are not the Native American healing practices that I was taught while growing up.  Bloodline Healing is an educational approach to transcending our collective history using innovative group exercises and one-on-one techniques. I created this approach with the help of Aviva Shira Bernat, MD, Jessica Gelson MFT, and Dina Bernat-Kunin LCSW, along with many clients and helpers along the way who each contributed a piece of wisdom.  While I do serve in leadership and facilitator roles in Native American communities, these services are done in private among community members and are not conducted for money.  I do serve as a pro bono Master of Ceremonies (MC) for Hawaii based powwow’s, which are free and open to the public. Please come join us at the next public offering if you wish to learn more about Native American Culture.  You can learn more about these public events at the Native Intertribal Council for Heritage & Education website:


Types of Appointments:

I offer stand alone sessions to share the benefits of Bloodline Healing and Energy Healing to new clients.  These stand alone sessions can be booked when I travel to your city for in-person sessions, before a workshop to experience the work before deciding to come, and when available sessions after a workshop to process the aftermath.  Stand alone sessions are not a guarantee of continued work together. Referrals to a qualified provider will be given if the regular appointment slots are currently full.

I also offer ongoing sessions for supervision/mentorship for practitioners and facilitators who are incorporating Bloodline Healing and Generational Healing into their work.  Please inquire with me directly to see if there are openings in my practice.

Booking Appointments:

Appointments may be booked by phone 646 296-2194 or by email Booking sessions through Facebook and Linked In is not advised due to past unreliability of message delivery from these forms of social media.  If you have used one mode of communication and have not heard back from me, please call and leave a voicemail as this is the most reliable method.  I always respond to requests, even if there is not current session availability.

Please note that there is often a waiting list for sessions.  From time to time, an email will be sent out on the listserv to alert past clients on the listserv that sessions are available for in-person sessions. After a response is received with your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice picks from the template, I call, text or email you with an availability of a session time. This spot is not guaranteed until you confirm the appointment and it will be held for 48 hours.  If a response is not received within 48 hours, the appointment will not be booked. In this case, the session time will be offered to another waiting client and you will be placed on the waiting list. If another appointment time opens up, you will be contacted again with the available time. Respond as soon as you get this notice as sometimes cancellations happen at the last moment. Waiting list spots will not be held for 48 hours and will be filled as soon as a confirmation is given by a client on the list on a first come first serve basis.  A clear confirmation is required to reserve any appointment time. This system ensures that the busy life of one client does not hinder another client who is ready to confirm their appointment from receiving care.  Referrals to other providers will be made if the client needs help sooner than that I can provide.

I reserve the right to refer clients to other practitioners if I feel they will be a better fit for the needs of the client.

Payment Procedure:

All phone sessions are payable through Paypal. An invoice will be mailed to you in advance of the session.  You may use credit card, debit card, e-check, or paypal transfer as modes of payment.  Payment is due prior to the session time.  A receipt will be emailed to you via Paypal and is official confirmation of your appointment time as well as your receipt for tax purposes.

In-person sessions are payable through Paypal or cash.

Rate Increases: Rate increases happen on an as-needed basis and usually occur at the beginning of the new year.  They will be posted in the most recent policies PDF on my website at for your convenience.


Phone Sessions: At this time, no discounts or sliding scale options are available for phone sessions.

Travel In-person sessions: A $40 discount is available for cash payments of Travel In-person sessions, making the discounted price $195 for a 75 minute session.  Payment through Paypal is the normal $235 rate.

Urgent Sessions: If you are involved in a life-threatening event, call 911 and follow up with your doctor or therapist.  Urgent sessions for non-lethal matters are available to regular clients, meaning clients that have a regular appointment time on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  Call 646 296-2194 and clearly state that this is an urgent matter on my voicemail.  You can expect a call back within 24 hours to schedule a check-in or urgent session as soon as mutually possible.

For returning clients, or semi-regular clients who book less frequently than bi-weekly, I will do my best to find a sooner appointment time for you as spots become available.  However, I can not guarantee an urgent session will be available.  In the event that I can not offer you an earlier session time, I will refer you to another provider.

While I am on vacation or traveling for workshops, I am unable to offer urgent sessions.  Please listen to the voicemail instructions or read the email auto-response for covering provider options. A list of covering providers can be found on .

Phone Session Details:

Phone sessions can be a powerful resource which allows the work to be done long-distance.  These sessions can be 1 to 1.5 hours long and they involve intuitive guidance, guided energy healing techniques, and contacting deceased loved ones in my integrated Bloodline Healing approach. Shorter sessions are not available.

To prepare for sessions, it is advised that you reflect on an area of your life that you wish to change or clarify.  This will set the focus for the session.  In the event that you feel drawn to the work, but are not intellectually sure of why you have come to the session, the first part of the session will be used to intuitively ascertain what is happening in your life, and a plan of treatment will happen from there.

Phone sessions are not for everyone.  In order to have a phone session, the following conditions must be met:

  • Privacy is essential to the success and integrity of the work. You must have a private room with a closeable door for the duration of the session.
  • The space where you have the session must be verbally confidential, meaning that no one is able to overhear your session.
  • If you have young children, it is advised that you ask someone to watch your children while you are in session so that you can focus on necessary self-care.
  • If you choose to do a session from a work office, it is your responsibility to communicate to co-workers and clients that you are unavailable for the duration of the session.  If an urgent work matter interrupts the session, you are still responsible for the session cost. Home is usually the best location for a session.
  • You must have a back-up form of communication, such as a reliable landline in addition to your cell or skype.

The Call:

-For clients within the U.S. and Canada, I call you for the phone session from my cell 646 296-2194 or from a landline.

-For clients in Mexico, you call my cell 646 296-2194 for phone sessions.

-For International clients outside of North America, you have the option to use Skype

Skype is also available for all sessions and is advised for international clients outside the U.S.  Skype must be requested in advance. In the event that the connection is insufficient on Skype, my cell phone 646 296-2194 is the back-up measure.  If cell reception is insufficient, I will call you from a back-up landline.

*Technology Failure: In the rare event that all modes of technology fail, I will send an email to reschedule the session to the next mutually available time so that the time remaining in the interrupted session can be used. You will not be charged for an additional session, rather the payment for the interrupted session will be applied to the next date.  This exception is only available for multiple technological failures. This is not applicable to client cell phone batteries dying or clients failing to have a back-up line available.  In these cases, you are liable for the session and must pay for an any additional sessions.  Technology is not perfect, but fruitful sessions consistently happen if you abide by the above requirements.

*Note: If it takes more than 2 weeks to schedule your first phone session, or if getting in touch by phone proves difficult, this may be an indication that phone sessions are not the best option for you.  In the event that email fails to resolve the issue, you will be given referrals or resources for other providers to ensure that you receive care in a timely fashion.  Another option is to work with me in-person when I come to town or when you are in Hawaii.

Cancellation policy:  I require 48 hours notice by phone 646 296-2194 for cancellation of phone sessions.  Exceptions will only be made for life threatening events or funerals, in which case you are free to reschedule to the next mutually available session time without charge.  Late cancellations require payment for the missed session.

Travel In –Person Sessions:

Travel sessions are a convenient way to do the work in your own backyard.  I typically travel to Los Angeles twice a year, with occasional visits to San Francisco and New York City.  To receive notifications of these scheduled visits, join my listserv by emailing with the subject “Add to listserv”. This is the quickest way to become aware of session availability.

In-person sessions involve intuitive reading, hands on healing techniques, and contacting deceased loved ones (Ancestral Dialogue) in an integrated Bloodline Healing approach.  These sessions are highly transformative and require the full 75 minutes in order to conduct the healing.  Shorter session times are not available as the entire time is needed to conduct a full healing experience.

To prepare for sessions, it is advised that you reflect on an area of your life that you wish to change or clarify.  This will set the focus for the session.  In the event that you feel drawn to the work, but are not intellectually sure of why you have come to the session, the first part of the session will be used to intuitively ascertain what is happening in your life, and a plan of treatment will happen from there.

Cancellation policy:  I require 72 hours notice by phone 646 296-2194 for cancellation of travel sessions.  The extra days notice is due to my travel considerations, such as inability to check my voicemail while flying, jetlag and late night arrivals.  Exceptions will only be made for life threatening events or funerals, in which case you are free to reschedule to the next mutually available session time without charge.  Late cancellations require payment for the missed session. Because I often book up on trips, I can not guarantee another session time if you cancel.

Disclaimer:  My service is not meant to be replacement for conventional medical treatment or psychotherapy. It is considered a complimentary modality for personal enrichment.

A Welcome to New Clients:

Aloha!  Thank you for choosing me as a potential provider.  Our first session is considered an initial consult.  This first session is to see if my service will be effective for your presenting wish.  One session is usually enough to get an idea if the approach is helping.  If not, it may be an indication that you need another form of healing to address your need.

The first session is also a chance to see if we are a good mutual fit as a healing team.  Having an initial consult is not a guarantee of an ongoing working relationship or future appointment times.  These are matters that need to be discussed at the end of the first session, if time permits, or in a separate conversation by phone or email afterwards.  I reserve the right to refer you to providers that I see as a better fit, including providers who reside in your location, or who practice a modality which is more focused on the needs presented.

Thank you to all my clients. I look forward to working with you and discovering the next steps in your healing journey.


George Kamana Hunter

646 296-2194

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