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Book Talk about the 2nd Realization.

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New York Times Bestselling Author Andrew Carroll endorsed Healing Our Bloodlines, saying: “History has a way of leaving indelible, even deep scars on a lineage, and those wounds often find their way to the next generation of the family tree. But Hunter has discovered an empowering way to lift the sometimes painful remnants of the past, demonstrating to his readers an approach that sheds this melancholy and helps them to become the living legacy of a healed and inspiring lineage.”

What does it mean to claim your Liberated Life? Most of us live our lives according the expectations of our families, our communities, our culture, and our jobs. At the end of the day, how much have we lived our lives from a deeply authentic place? How often have we truly chosen what we want to do and where we want to be?

Those expectations from all the external sources of our lives form a script from which we live our lives. A busy life leaves very little time and space to go inwards so that our lives can be directed from an inner source. Each one of us has an Inner Voice of Truth that is trying to guides us closer and closer to our most authentic and free life. It calls out to us, but is often drowned out by the choir of noisy, scripted voices in our heads. How do we hear our Inner Voice of Truth?

Healing Our Bloodlines offers 8 Realizations that move you from the trappings of a scripted, busy life so that you can clear the path for your Inner Voice of Truth to become the most powerful in your life. Once you begin to make life choices based on your Inner Voice of Truth, your life takes a new direction that brings you empowerment, empathy, and purpose. This book brings you inwards, back to that inner haven inside of you where the guidance for your next step is waiting. The answer is already inside of you.

Front and Back cover of my new book Healing Our Bloodlines, Available as a paperback through Amazon and as an eBook on Kindle, Barnes & Nobel Nook, Apple Books, and Kobo.

With carefully crafted home exercises to help you embody the wisdom of each of the 8 Realizations, you will receive validation and support for your Inner Voice of Truth that has already begun to surface. Each realization includes an inspiring client story about how they courageously changed their lives for the better. Most importantly, by connecting to the growing group of readers who are also doing this work, you realize that you are not alone. There are other people who are claiming their liberation.

Healing Our Bloodlines is Available NOW

as a Paperback through Amazon and as an eBook on Kindle,

eBook available on Thurs. September 5th on:

Barnes & Noble’s Nook

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