Invisible_Burden Book Cover

Available April 2014

The Invisible Burden; A Memoir of Generational Healing

Back Cover:


Gripping the hand of his alcoholic father in the hospital bed, George Hunter’s tears reveal his burden as a first born savior.  Named after his Native American grandfather and nicknamed “The Christ Child”, his struggling family expects him to be more than just human, more than just a son. He wants his family to survive.  But more than anything, he longs to be free!

Abandoning medical school, he embraces his birthright as a Healer of olden days. With the help of a Memorial Sloan Kettering physician, he begins laying his curing hands on the bodies of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and homeless Native Americans.  Rich emotions flow as he intimately shares successful healing sessions and workshops, revealing a synchronicity between his own healing path and those of his clients.  These struggles and triumphs delineate how the unhealed hardships of our grandparents become the emotional inheritance of the next generations.

George discovers that personal liberation comes at great costs.  Each crucial family choice brings heartbreak.  Each new step in his work summons strength, hope, and inspiration. With a deep connection to his ancestors, George Kamana Hunter passes through an unforgettable threshold and fully claims his life.


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