What is Bloodline Healing?

The Bloodline Healing Method is a unique approach to generational healing which identifies and releases the burdens we inherit from our family line. Originally inspired by work with children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, Bloodline Healing has helped many people to heal the residual effects of past hardships. Our families and communities are often molded by major historic events, leaving behind burdens which impede the full potential of our current lives. In short, it is possible to take on the suffering of the older generations. which hampers our ability to thrive. The Bloodline Healing Method
helps people unburden heavy expectations, release misplaced responsibilities bequeathed by other family members, and purge trapped grief. The liberation of these burdens serves to unearth the deeper gifts of belonging to our lineages. The benefits to past participants have included resolution of long held emotionally-based body pains, relationship breakthroughs with loved ones, and a sense of freedom from outdated roles. Many go on to courageously follow their dreams and share their innate talents with the world in a bigger way.
The Bloodline Healing workshops offer a safe environment for participants to explore the unresolved stories from their past in order to become a changing force in their lineage and society.  Join the catalysts who are changing their families for the better by carving a new path. Bloodline Healing is already an international movement which is empowering communities to heal the pain of their history, enabling future generations to lead liberated lives. Be the free member of your family!
Jan. 15th, Clearing a Generational Path, A Bloodline Healing Night Thurs. Jan 15th 7pm-9pm At the Women’s Building, San Francisco. Clear for the Flyer: Clearing a Generational Path San Francisco Jan 15th
Feb. 6-8th, Brandies Bloodline Healing Retreat at Brandeis Bardin Institute, CA on . This workshop involves group sharing of our family trees, honoring our ancestors, conducting unburdening processes, and celebrating the unique gifts that participants offer our communities. It is a rare opportunity to receive what you have always needed from a trustworthy group.  Click for Brandeis-Bardin Info Packet Feb 6-8 2015
All Workshops are open to peoples from all religious and cultural backgrounds.
For more information (646) 296-2194 or Ghunter199@aol.com

One thought on “What is Bloodline Healing?

  1. I wanted to know where I can receive a healing and where I can learn to be a healer? I live on Long Island in New York. Please email me or call me at+15169784894. Thank you.

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