Upcoming Bloodline Workshops


Bloodline Healing is an invigorating and powerful way to release the familiar scripts which we inherit.  Don’t be the good child if you really are a Phoenix! Stop being the menial servant if you are truly a Matriarch!  Be who you were meant to be with the help of a supportive group and skilled practitioners that show you how to unburden the unfinished story you inherited.  In our workshops, we:

  • Share our Family Trees
  • Identify inherited Burdens
  • Unburden the old family stories with powerful cathartic techniques
  • Set the record straight by speaking directly to our lineage
  • Claim the innate gifts connected to our purpose in the world

Join us for the following events:

LA Intro to Bloodline Healing, February 4th, 2015, 7-9pm

Brandeis-Bardin Bloodline Healing Weekend, Feb 6-8 2015, February 6th-8th, 2015

Healing the Holocaust, Presentation at the Integral Center,  Boulder, CO, March 26th, 6-9pm

Bloodline Healing Weekend Workshop, Boulder, CO, March 27th-29th

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Getting Nurtured: A Bloodline Facilitator Interview


Dina Bernat-Kunin is a graduate of the BlueStone Institute as a certified energy practitioner and works as a Healer in private practice in Los AngelesShe spoke with us about her experiences working as a facilitator at Bloodline Healing workshops.


Interviewer: Besides being a Bloodline Healing Facilitator, what training do you have as a practitioner?

Dina: I’ve been practicing since 1987 as a traditional social worker/therapist/clinician. I also did a 2 year certificate training program in psychoanalytic psychotherapy at the southern CA psychoanalytic Institute in Los Angeles. I graduated from the BlueStone Institute of the Healing Arts as a certified energy practitioner.   

Interviewer: Can you recall a moment when you realized that Bloodline Healing had a big impact on someone you were working with?

Dina: One particular client had a history on both sides of the family of a lack of nurturing and caring. Everything was focused on survival and there wasn’t a lot left for really being able to see each child as an individual. She didn’t receive what she needed, because the parents didn’t receive what they needed emotionally. So she really went through life with a lack of trust. When she started making connections and really bringing to herself as an adult, what she needed as a child, she was able to start trusting herself and start trusting life.

Interviewer: What are some of the reasons why people have tried Bloodline Healing in the past?

Dina: People feel that the decisions and choices that they have made in life have been impacted by things that they are not fully aware of. They have that sense that there are things at play in their family or their lineage that they are bound to. They feel they have to live with this family script and they don’t feel free. Discerning the burdens of ancestors and lineage allows them to make clearer choices and really step off that family script to create their own. That doesn’t mean disinheriting the gifts of their family, it means that they can embrace the gifts that their family gives them, but also embrace who they are as an individual and being able to move forward in their life.

Dina Closing Ceremony

Interviewer: What makes this a unique approach to healing in your eyes?

Dina: In this work, we really make an effort to connect to our lineage and explore not just our nuclear family and our own individual life, but what we inherit. And the experiences of our grandparents and great-grandparents and what they’ve gone through. Sometimes their emotional experiences have not found closure or found expression and their stories are unfinished. So then there are things that get passed down. That’s a very unique way of looking at who we are.

Interviewer: What’s your favorite part of the workshop?

Dina: I love the support that people just naturally want to give to their co-participants. We teach how to give that support so that people feel safe. That really allows people to bring all of their feelings; even the uncomfortable, challenging feelings that they don’t always want to acknowledge or show. I love those moments where they make this connection to their lineage. We work at exploring family trees and as people are talking and sharing, they start to see things they haven’t seen before. They say “Oh, I can see why I struggle with this. Look at my family. It’s not just me. This is maybe not just my burden”. You see this look on people’s faces when they start to put that together. And it’s just this expression of, “Oh, there’s hope for me”.

Interviewer: What advice do you have for a first time participant?

Dina: It’s really important, almost vital, that if you’re coming to the workshop that you have some container outside of the workshop that you step back into. That you’re doing some other kind of personal work and getting continued support. Because a lot comes up that can be surprising and maybe even feel a little overwhelming. So you need a safe and containing place to come and continue to process after.

Dina Bernat-Kunin is a Healer in private practice in Los Angeles and is accepting new clients.

Experience this potent and meaningful work firsthand at one of our workshops.  Join us for our annual Brandeis Bloodline Retreat on Feb 6-8th, 2015 in Simi Valley, 45 minutes outside of L.A.

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BlueStone Institute’s Next Chapter

The world is going through a crucial Generational Shift. Each member of humanity is born into the unfinished stories and unexpressed feelings of the ones who walked before them. In order for humanity to transcend its compulsive wounded reactions, there is a need for Group Facilitators and Healers to address the underlying healing process. BlueStone Institute has focused its mission on furthering the awareness of the Generational Healing Arts. In fostering this goal, we are proud to announce two new certification programs.

Elk Meadow Sanctuary

BlueStone Institute Classroom, Boulder CO

Throughout the 2 Year Certified Group Facilitator Program, students will reflect upon the main tenets of leadership, perception, guidance and integrity.  They will receive focused training directly before assisting more experienced facilitators during actual Bloodline Healing workshops. The program will empower aware individuals to become skilled practitioners at helping people resolve the unfinished history of their families and community. The facilitator becomes more than just a listener, they become a catalyst. Enrolling now for the April 30th, 2015 Start Date.

During the 3 Year Certified Energy Healer Program participants not only learn how to work on individual clients, but they also learn how to serve as a part of a team of facilitators in Bloodline Healing workshops.  By training in the Bloodline Healing Method, the student first transforms themselves, then becomes a radiant guide for other members of their community. Next Class enrolling for September 2016.

The goal of both these programs is to help students feel at home in their own skin. While exploring their own inner terrain, they are trained to help others release their burdens. The more Certified Healers and Facilitators we have in our communities, the more accelerated the awakening process will be, especially among the newer generations. Imagine teachers, clinicians, and workshop leaders speaking about this essential shift in awareness in their classrooms, offices, and retreat centers. It is already happening. BlueStone is supplying the tools and witnessing the deeper gifts of the next line of skilled helpers.

It is the philosophy of the BlueStone Institute that by owning our intuitive gifts, we expand our inner wisdom and further the evolution of humankind’s ability to communicate on a deeper level. By creating a critical mass of self-aware people, we open the pathways of empathy and cooperation on a community level. These communities become the first drops of a new waterfall of clarity.

Our workshops will take place at the new Elk Meadow Sanctuary in Boulder, Colorado.  The serene environment, mountain views, and open minded community make it the ideal new home for the BlueStone Institute. We hope to see you there.

For more information on our certification programs, please visit BlueStoneInstitute.com

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A Workshop Participant’s Relationship Shift

Teenager problems - Mother comforts her troubled teenage daughte

Interviewer: What made you want to experience Bloodline Healing?

Mika: We had a family therapist, Eileen Walkenstein who wrote a book, The Imprinters. She wrote about family bloodline history and that we carry on our parents or family’s unfinished business. And that sort of opened my mind to the importance of this bloodline healing. Then I started working with George, it just expanded.

Interviewer: The Ancestral Dialogue is the part of the workshop where participants speak directly to their ancestors. Can you describe what you remember from the experience?

Mika: The way that George slowly and deliberately prepared us for that experience was really powerful. He talked about boundaries and limits and grounding in oneself and developing a protective shield. And all of that led up to this feeling that I was safe there, and ironically I wanted to risk it all.

I have three children and two were so easy and then this third child was my challenge. I tried so hard to be a good mother to her and it just wasn’t working. So I got angry at her. I really played a lead in trying to create this family mythology that this child was a difficult child, but it all was because I wasn’t getting feedback from her that I was a good mother to her. She had a different kind of energy and instead of just being open to learning about her, I kept trying to compress her energy instead of understanding it. In my own childhood everything was about keeping me tight and together. I really was carrying through my mother’s lineage. And then things really, really shifted.

Interviewer: Did you notice a shift in your emotional state after the workshop?

Mika: I felt so much sadness and grief about all those years when she was vulnerable and I kept pushing her to shut up and conform. Afterwards, I read all her notes that she had given me. And every step of the way, she was trying to communicate with me and trying to say in her own way what she needed. Because of my own family history I was not going to tolerate that. I was going to let her know who was in charge. She just wanted a heart connection. The amazing thing that happened was that my daughter was out of the country at the time, but I texted her something very simple. For whatever reason, she could feel the shift in my energy and she wrote back a response that just opened my heart even more and it’s been better ever since. We still have stuff to work on, but we are on a different plane now.

Interviewer: Did the workshop help you to clarify plans in your life, or some other kind of practical shift?

Mika: This relationship shift meant the world to me. I’m a core energetics practitioner and it has helped me so much in my work. This shift that happened in this workshop has helped me so much in my work with clients. I can be open to all of their goodness and all of who they are. It was major, this relationship shift and how I can generalize it in my life.

Interviewer: What is your advice to someone who would like to try Bloodline Healing for the first time?

Mika: It’s a great gift to experience and it’s a gift not only personally, but also in relationships in people’s lives and opening up lots of old blocks. Prepare to be profoundly affected. In other words, the more you can bring the more you can get out of it.


Experience this potent and meaningful work firsthand at one of our workshops.  Join us for our annual Brandeis Bloodline Retreat on Feb 6-8th, 2015 in Simi Valley, 45 minutes outside of L.A.

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What is Bloodline Healing?

The Bloodline Healing Method is a unique approach to generational healing which identifies and releases the burdens we inherit from our family line. Originally inspired by work with children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, Bloodline Healing has helped many people to heal the residual effects of past hardships. Our families and communities are often molded by major historic events, leaving behind burdens which impede the full potential of our current lives. In short, it is possible to take on the suffering of the older generations. which hampers our ability to thrive. The Bloodline Healing Method
helps people unburden heavy expectations, release misplaced responsibilities bequeathed by other family members, and purge trapped grief. The liberation of these burdens serves to unearth the deeper gifts of belonging to our lineages. The benefits to past participants have included resolution of long held emotionally-based body pains, relationship breakthroughs with loved ones, and a sense of freedom from outdated roles. Many go on to courageously follow their dreams and share their innate talents with the world in a bigger way.
The Bloodline Healing workshops offer a safe environment for participants to explore the unresolved stories from their past in order to become a changing force in their lineage and society.  Join the catalysts who are changing their families for the better by carving a new path. Bloodline Healing is already an international movement which is empowering communities to heal the pain of their history, enabling future generations to lead liberated lives. Be the free member of your family!
Jan. 15th, Clearing a Generational Path, A Bloodline Healing Night Thurs. Jan 15th 7pm-9pm At the Women’s Building, San Francisco. Clear for the Flyer: Clearing a Generational Path San Francisco Jan 15th
Feb. 6-8th, Brandies Bloodline Healing Retreat at Brandeis Bardin Institute, CA on . This workshop involves group sharing of our family trees, honoring our ancestors, conducting unburdening processes, and celebrating the unique gifts that participants offer our communities. It is a rare opportunity to receive what you have always needed from a trustworthy group.  Click for Brandeis-Bardin Info Packet Feb 6-8 2015
All Workshops are open to peoples from all religious and cultural backgrounds.
For more information (646) 296-2194 or Ghunter199@aol.com
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