Michael & Eddie Spears Join the All Nations Powwow in Hawaii

The actors Michael and Eddie Spears will be bringing their drum group to our powwow on September 20th-21st here in Hilo Hawaii. You may remember them from such movies as Dances with Wolves, Dreamkeeper, Blackcloud, and Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.  They are both very passionate about the cultural revival happening among Native peoples. I look forward to being the MC of this heart centered powwow in Hawaii.


Spears Brothers Singing

For a great video clip showing the drum of the Spears Brothers along with highlights from last year’s powwow, go here:


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Ocean Front Powwow in Paradise

As I look forward to being the MC of the Hilo All Nations Powwow on September 20th-21st, 2014, my heart gets warm with memories of last year’s powwow.  One of my favorite highlights was the Eastern Sky Ambassadors flying in from Canada to share Smoke Dance on Big Island Hawaii.  This year, we are joined by the Moiy’ma Hopi Eagle Dancers who are flying in from Hopi territory in Arizona.

Performing at the All Nations Powwow in Hilo Hawaii Sept 20th-21st.

Performing at the All Nations Powwow in Hilo Hawaii Sept 20th-21st.

Recently, I visited the new powwow grounds in Keaukaha Hawaiian Village on Big Island Hawaii, a Beach Park in Hilo, and I was struck by the lapping waves on this volcanic island.  Such a surge of energy ran through me as I envisioned the next group of Powwow Dancers and participants who will get to enter such a rare arena in the lush foliage of Hawaii. Not too far from the grounds are the famous Cold Ponds, a mix of cool underground spring water that combines with the warm salty water of the ocean.  It is said that the water has curative properties.  I agree.  It’s the perfect place to take a dip after a long day of singing and dancing.

I added a video clip showing the new grounds as well as some favorite moments from last year’s All Nations Powwow in Hilo.  Enjoy.

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Brandeis Workshop Highlights Video


We had a magnificent Bloodline Healing workshop at Brandeis-Bardin in Simi Valley, CA.  Here are some of the highlights, including 2 adorable horses and a few workshops videos.  Enjoy.

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Lanterns Floating Hawaii

It was an amazing gathering of 50,000 people at Ala Moana Beach in Oahu. People from various backgrounds gathered to send candle lit lanterns into the ocean in honor of their deceased loved ones. The ceremony itself involved the blessing of a Japanese Buddhist High Monk, a Hawaiian chant by Uncle Hau’ole, and a send off of canoes which gather the lanterns that have been sent out to sea. I felt enveloped by glowing comfort as I stood in waste high water, surrounded by lanterns with my future wife.

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Kamana Surfing at Rockpiles, Oahu

After a week of healing sessions with clients, I like to go surfing to clear out my mind and body. Its a form a celebration and renewal for me. I feel refreshed and mana-ful afterwards. Enjoy.

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