What is Generational Healing?

This week, we have a guest post by Healer & Therapist Dina Bernat-Kunin LCSW who helped me develop the Bloodline Healing Method.

The difficulties and challenges of our ancestors can reappear in our lives in hidden ways. We are the direct inheritors of their unfulfilled expectations, betrayals, shame, disappointments, and physical pain. These unresolved feelings can get expressed in our daily behavior, and even effect our life decisions, such as in our choice of a life partner or career. Our emotional make up and physical body bare the weight of the overlay of generational trauma. When there is no outlet for these emotions, the energy connected to them gets fused into the cells of the body. This forms physical and energetic blocks which get passed down through generations. George Kamana Hunter, author of Healing Our Bloodlines:,The 8 Realizations of Generational Healing, refers to these accumulated blocks as the invisible burden.

     I see the invisible burdens that my clients carry when they seek my help.  Rita, for instance, came to my office seeking help for depression. She wondered why she always had a feeling of unrest. As a young girl, she remembered feeling alone and sad, even though her parents were loving and caring. Medication and talk therapy at times took the edge off this unexplained sadness, but it never went away. She described the feeling as an ever-present heaviness which continued to tug at her. “I do not remember ever experiencing full joy in my life,” Rita said to me. 

     Shortly after beginning our work together I was intuitively shown the image of a woman, a relative in the lineage of Rita’s mother, weeping over the death of her young son. I sensed this woman’s energetic body and could feel the deep emotional hole that was left after her son died. She was never able to fully grieve and she wished to leave this world and be with him. Although she had other children afterwards, she continued to live with a deep sadness which unintentionally got passed down for generations. I asked Rita if depression ran in her family. She said that it did but only in the women. 

     To heal and unlock these invisible burdens, we do not have to disown our family, or give up our rightful place in our family tree. There is a healing wisdom available to release us from receiving and holding the burdens that do not belong to us. By naming, recognizing, and witnessing the pain of our ancestors, we clear and cleanse the energetic pathways that obscure the hidden gifts within us. 

     I directed Rita to feel the terrible grief that this woman in her family had known. I held my hand over her heart, loosening and carefully unweaving the energetic block, to help release it from her body.  As the block began to slowly move, Rita shook and let out a mournful scream. I steadied and reassured her, as her body shook out the remaining grief. A month later Rita described how she had shared with her mother about the session. To her surprise, her mother filled in some gaps by telling her about Rita’s great grandmother. Rita had never known about this piece of family history. The women wept together. The healing was spreading. Rita reported how she was feeling lighter and that the tugging in her heart had disappeared. She was experiencing feelings of hope. 

Awaiting us right now is the privilege of passing on the gifts, the intended inheritance, rather then the collective cultural heaviness, the remnant emotional holdings, the Invisible Burden. To be freed of the invisible burden is what your lineage longs for, for you. Your gifts can be revealed, and they can be seen shining through your life and in the world. 

Dina Bernat-Kunin LCSW is a Healer & Therapist based in Los Angeles. To learn more about her innovative work, please visit: https://www.dinabernatkunin.com

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