What is Bloodline Healing?

What is Bloodline Healing and Can it Heal Intergenerational Trauma?

Bloodline Healing is a unique approach to generational healing developed by author G. K. Hunter which focuses on the emotional burdens we inherit from our family line. According to the book Healing Our Bloodlines: The 8 Realizations of Generational Liberation,
everyone inherits the unfinished stories of our ancestors in the form of invisible burdens that live as tension inside our bodies. Each of these burdens is connected to a special gift that we inherited from a family member. So if you inherited the artistic abilities of your grandfather, you may also face some of the same challenges like being judged for wanting to become an artist because your family expects you to become a lawyer or doctor.

How can Bloodline Healing Help You?

Bloodline Healing is a form of generational healing that was specifically designed to reveal why you feel stuck in your life. What is my purpose? How do I find the courage to tell my family that I want to do something else with my life? Why does everyone in my family keep getting divorced? How do I have a healthy relationship that doesn’t look like my parents? These are the questions that many people explore in a Bloodline Healing session.

G. K. Hunter provides numerous exercises that can be done at home in Healing Our Bloodlines in order to reveal which burdens and gifts you’ve inherited from your family tree. Each of the 8 Realizations are another step on your journey to liberate the burdens and claim the special gifts that you are meant to share with the world. This process leads to discovering a sense of life purpose that is connected to your claimed talents.

What Inspired Bloodline Healing?

Bloodline Healing was inspired by work with children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors ans has already helped many people to heal from family deaths and historical events like World War II and more recent conflicts. Our families and communities are often molded by major historic events, leaving behind burdens which impede the full potential of our current lives. In short, it is possible to take on the suffering of the older generations. which hampers our ability to thrive. But by healing the inherited burden, you can claim your most authentic life connected to a sense of purpose that is inspired by your innate abilities.
The work was co-developed by therapists Dina Bernat-Kunin LCSW, Jessica Gelson MFT, and Dr Aviva Bernat MD. Early workshops were held at Brandeis-Bardin, a retreat center of American Jewish University in California, where descendants of the Holocaust, Japanese Internment camps, the Irish Potato Famine, and many other historical events gathered to find healing for their families. These early workshops evolved into a 8 step process so that Bloodline Healing could be used for self-healing and in individual therapy sessions. 

How is Bloodline Healing Helping Gen Z?

Most recently, Bloodline Healing has been used with members of Gen Z as they face the trauma of our climate crisis. We are seeing fresh, intergenerational trauma happening to Gen Z, Gen Alpha, and Millennials as they inherit a planet filled with natural disasters from the lack of intervention from their predecessors. This negligence has created an environment where climate disasters and fear about the future have reached all time highs. By intervening with carbon emissions, we can prevent further intergenerational wounding from happening to our children and grandchildren. “Prevention of trauma is the most powerful form of healing” said G. K. Hunter, the author of the book Healing Our Bloodlines. To learn more about the inspiration for the development of Bloodline Healing, read Why I Wrote Healing Our Bloodlines.

What is the Purpose of Bloodline Healing?

Bloodline Healing offers you a chance to discover the unresolved stories that you’ve inherited from your family that have been steering your life like a jockey on your back.  It gives you a chance to claim your true life purpose and heal the pain of the past connected to your lineage. Join the catalysts who are changing their families for the better by carving a new path. Bloodline Healing is already an international movement which is empowering communities to heal the pain of their history, enabling future generations to lead liberated lives.
Be the free member of your family!