Univ. of Hawaii News – PBS Sakura & Pearls

When I met Okihiro Terao-san, an Atomic Bomb Survivor who was telling hissurvival story in the Hiroshima Memorial Peace Park, I was captivated. I knew that I wanted to film an interview with him to preserve his testament. There was only one problem. I knew almost nothing about making videos. I went back to school at the University of Hawaii’s Leeward CC campus to learn how to make movies.

The University of Hawaii retells how I learned how to make my first documentary; Sakura & Pearls Healing from World War II. This documentary is about what happens when Japanese Atomic Bomb Survivors meet the US Pearl Harbor Survivors face to face at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. It Premieres nationally on PBS on Thursday Oct. 28th at 6pm PST/9pm EST. Find out how to STREAM SAKURA & PEARLS HERE.


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