TV Interview on Survive & Thrive

While on my Healing Our Bloodlines Book Tour, I had an amazing interview on TV talk show Survive & Thrive where I talked about my story of surviving a near drowning experience during Hurricane Andrew. Click the link below:

See episode here:

New Book: Healing Our Bloodlines: The 8 Realizations of Generational Liberation is available now!

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New York Times Bestselling Author Andrew Carroll endorsed Healing Our Bloodlines, saying: “History has a way of leaving indelible, even deep scars on a lineage, and those wounds often find their way to the next generation of the family tree. But Hunter has discovered an empowering way to lift the sometimes painful remnants of the past, demonstrating to his readers an approach that sheds this melancholy and helps them to become the living legacy of a healed and inspiring lineage.”

Learn more about the documentary, Sakura & Pearls: Healing from WWII. Please note that the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center Premiere was canceled due to the scheduling of a military event. I’m currently submitting the documentary to film festivals internationally. Premieres will be announced on the G. K. Global Tour as they are confirmed.

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