The Hope Tank

Inside of every heart resides a Hope Tank. It’s that hidden cavern tucked away deep inside the emotional center in our chest. Each time that we dream about the next steps in our lives, this cavern fills up with a bright light. As the Hope Tank replenishes, we can feel our whole body expand. Our minds open up and the flow of ideas come very easily when we ‘re planning for the future.

Hope is more than a notion in our minds. Hope is also a currency that is received by our hearts. It’s that new energy that makes new change possible. It flows most easily when we realize the new possibilities in our lives or when feel inspired by a friend, an artist, a writer, or a new idea that opens us up to new possibilities.

Often, when we are feeling down, it’s because we’ve lost contact with our hearts. If you take a moment to put your hand on your chest and reconnect with your heart, you will most likely discover that your Hope Tank is low on hope. This usually happens after a series of disappointments happen without adequate rest or good news in between each disappointment. This drains the Hope Tank and can fatigue our hearts.

When our expectations aren’t met in our relationships or we experience a setback in our work life, disappointment is the natural, emotional response. Disappointment helps us to recognize our limits and to re-evaluate our goals and relationships to see if something needs to change. By fully feeling the disappointment, this heavy emotion releases from our hearts and leaves the Hope Tank, making room for new hope to enter.

There are times when we must protect our Hope Tank. When we first feel that rush of hope for a new idea or new project that we dream up, it’s important to share that hopeful venture with the right supporters. Someone who is judgmental, envious, or dismissive can say things that will bruise our hearts. It will discourage us from pursuing our dreams. Discouraging words chase the hope right out of our hearts. Hope energizes us to makes those leaps of faith, to take necessary risks which require that we face our fear of the unknown. Hope buoys our spirits as we courageously pass through our worries.

When we share a new idea with a true supporter, our hope for the future grows. Their validation and encouragement makes the light inside our Hope Tank shine brighter, helping us to believe that the new changes in our lives will succeed! This is why protecting your new dreams from overly critical people is so important. We must fill up the Hope Tank enough so that we can weather the bumps in the road and endure the challenges that come with any new change in our lives. Focus on reading and dreaming about the things that make your heart glow. Next, chose the right people to share your ideas with so that the Hope Tank can fill up even more.

 Author Tom Bodett said it best:

“They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.”

What brings you hope?

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