G. K. Hunter is an electric public speaker whose voice has been featured at Cornell University, NPR’s “All Things Considered” and at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. His unique combination of impassioned lecturing and the use of song to honor the people featured in his stories makes his presentation style truly one of a kind. His message to the world is that if we can release the historic burdens that every culture still carries, then we generate the empathy and forgiveness necessary to heal from past conflicts.

Much of his work as a Healer and multi-cultural group facilitator has focused around healing the after effects of World War II. He started off working with Jewish Holocaust survivor families which lead to the development of the Bloodline Healing Method TM. This inter-generational healing work is featured in his guidebook “Healing Our Bloodlines; The 8 Realizations of Generational Liberation” (on Amazon starting May 1st, 2019) where he shares stories of hope and reconciliation from real clients that he has worked with from various cultural backgrounds.

G. K. Hunter calls the members of his target audience the “Catalysts”. These are the students, the entrepreneurs, the clinicians, the community leaders and educators who recognize that in order to change our communities for the better, we must unburden the heaviness that we have all inherited from our own families. With razor clarity, G. K. Hunter is able to bring witness to the invisible dynamics that stop meaningful change from happening. His songs and exuberant compassion bring his listeners into deep connection with their own hearts. From this heartfelt place of passion and hope, his audience members take with them the motivation to follow their own dreams and rise above the challenges in their lives.