40 Years Young: My Recipe for Youth

I just returned from my first trip to Costa Rica where I celebrated my 40th Birthday. What better way to enjoy this milestone than to see a beautiful country for a surf trip. The people were warmhearted, the food was fresh, and the waves were plenty.

Because I just turned 40, a lot of people asked me if I felt old. I answered them truthfully that I still feel young. My response wasn’t a positive affirmation, it was just my experience. In my 30’s, I discovered surfing which has since become a passion of mine. Today, I feel that I am in the best shape of my life and able to do so much more on a surfboard than when I was 5 years younger.

I documented that vitality with my GoPro camera strapped to my surfboard as I braved the head high waves. You can see that energizing clip here:


To sum up the secret to my vitality at 40 years old, I share my recipe for sustained youth:
FOOD that fully nourishes your body
FAMILY that truly nourishes your heart
FUN that enlivens your spirit with laughter
Be young. Be energy in motion.

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Introducing 30 Min. Spiritual Guidance Sessions

There are times in our lives when we need guidance. Guidance can be seen as an outside perspective or as new wisdom that we need to complete a puzzle in our life. Whether facing a career change, preparing to have children, or navigating a difficult relationship conflict, a Spiritual Guidance Session can clarify our sense of purpose, validate our own intuitions, and provide a fresh way to approach an old problem.

The 30 minute Spiritual Guidance Session starts by choosing an area of life that needs more clarity. These areas include your work in the world, your personal relationships, the future of your family, or even how to progress in your financial growth.

Because the sessions are only 30 minutes long, our work must focus on one specific topic. Due to the length of the session, there is no guarantee that multiple issues will be addressed or that a full reading of every area of your life will be provided. Additional topics can be covered if time permits.

This session starts by asking a question about your life. An example of this would be “I was offered two different job opportunities. Which one is the right fit for me?” Or, “Something is wrong with my daughter but I can’t put my finger on it. What is going on with her?” Guidance offers you a new way to look at life decisions by bringing forth new information with the intention of validating your own inner voice of intuition. When you hear something that is valid, it will ring true inside. A deeper part of you will know it to be true. By locating that specific voice inside that knows your truth, you become more empowered to make the right decisions for you and your kin. Guidance sessions don’t tell you what to do, they awaken the part of you that intuitively knows its next step. These sessions also ask you to look at decisions from different angles where you might have blind spots so that you can make the best decision possible.

Spiritual Guidance session clarify what blocks you are working on. Once the session clarifies your blocks, you can then journal about the blocks and your feelings after the session. If necessary, you can book a session with your therapist to work through the emotional components of the blocks. I can provide you with a trusted referral to an energy healer or therapist if it becomes clear that you need ongoing work.

The Spiritual Guidance session is different than an Energy Healing or a Bloodline Healing session in that it doesn’t entail processing out the emotions or energetic blocks through hands on intervention. Instead, they clarify what directions you need to take for real life decisions and bring fresh information to an existing struggle. Thus, the guidance session doesn’t entail direct energy work. It moves energy by awakening your own inner voice of intuition.

The new Spiritual Guidance session lasts 30 minutes long and costs $90. It is also possible to use this session to help prioritize multiple problems that you are working on simultaneously. This entails laying out numerous situations in different areas of your life and receiving guidance on which problem to focus on first. It may also reveal how the various problems may be interrelated.

The best way to prepare for a Spiritual Guidance session is to write down a list of struggles in your life that you are trying to resolve. The first few moments of the session can be used to go through them and see which issue has the most charge on it. From there, intuition takes over and helps us fill in the blanks.

One advantage to the Spiritual Guidance session is that there is faster availability for these session as opposed to the regular 60 minute Energy Healing session or the 75 minute Bloodline Healing Session.

For Bookings, Please call George Kamana Hunter at 646-296-2194 or email ghunter199@aol.com



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“Lion Heart: The Will to Live” Blog Post

Aloha All

As we enter into the New Year, I’d like to share a remarkable, or dare I say miraculous, story of recovery from illness. Meet Alex Flatley, a young college student who found himself in a coma during his final exams. He was diagnosed with encephalitis, viral meningitis, and sepsis. For those not in the medical field, that means that his entire body, including his brain and spinal column, was infested with a variety of bacteria and viruses to such a degree that it threatened his life. His doctors prepared his family for the worse and gave little hope for Alex’s survival.

While he was in a coma, Alex felt a profound connection to his deceased father who had died just 4 years before Alex had collapsed into a coma. His father in spirit told him to be strong and don’t give up. And he did. Shortly after the spiritual contact with his father on the other side, Alex awoke from the coma.

When he first woke up, he wasn’t able to recognize his own mother.  Alex thought she was a nurse. His physicians again prepared the family for the possibility that he might not regain his mental functioning. His physician said that he wouldn’t be able to return to school again for his next semester 3 months after his coma. But Alex was determined to continue living his life. With the help of his mother, he ate right, walked every day, and eventually recalled some memories from the past. He proved the experts wrong again by going back to school after the summer break. That semester, he made the Dean’s list.

When I first spoke to Alex on the phone, he had already been through this ordeal. I was humbled by the sheer power of his story. The thing that struck me most about Alex was his amazing will to live, as well as his boundless optimism. He refreshed my belief that human beings are capable of so much more than we expect. I am grateful to his medical team that kept treating him no matter how grim the odds may have looked. I honor his mother and family for believing in his ability to recover. In Alex, I honor his will to live his life to the fullest. Take a look at Alex Flatley now in this short video titled “Lion Heart”. Dream big this New Year!


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Why we do Deep Inner Work

Kamana surfing the South Shore Oahu

Kamana surfing the South Shore Oahu

I paddled my surfboard over a white capped crest of a three foot high wave. It sprayed a salty mist in my face as I teetered over the top of the wave and landed on the other side. The water was glassy and clean on the south shore of Oahu. I’m over 200 meters out from shore when I saw a little Hawaiian kid looking back at me on his boogie board. We smiled at each other. In my mind, I told myself that I would look after that little kid in case he needed help out here in the ocean. But who was I kidding? The kid was only 5 years old and he was already better than me at surfing.

It has been a part of my weekly ritual to go surfing. That crystal teal water always takes away any heaviness that I may have picked up throughout the week. It washes away the nagging thoughts in my head and reminds me of the sweetness of life. In Hawaiian, they call that process au au kai (ow ow kye), which means to wash in the sea water. After I surf, my mind becomes still and my body feels like a hollow pipe. Everything tingles and I remember what my life force feels like. It clears the way for me to be.

oahu wave 2

            As I sat on my board waiting for the next set of ways to come in, I reflected on my life 15 years ago. I lived in New York and I was doing a lot of deep intensive work on myself. I had already finished an apprenticeship with my uncle in traditional Native American medicine. I went on to study energy healing for several years with my mentor Carol. In addition to this, I was going to a therapist who specialized in several forms of deep cathartic work. I was a self proclaimed workshop junky who couldn’t seem to heal fast enough.

Back then, I only had sparse glimpses of my future life. I had faith that my life would change for the better. I knew that I would eventually find success as a Healer. And, one day, I would settle down and have a family. But I did not see myself sitting on that surfboard on the shores of Oahu. The most powerful glimpse that I received of my future life 15 years ago was an image of my future wife. Her kind Native face and bright smiled stayed with me. I didn’t know that I would meet her on Oahu. What deep inner work did I need to do to get here?

The major difference in my present day self and who I was 15 years ago can be summed up in one word. Surrender. I had this drive to keep growing rapidly because I didn’t know what it would feel like to be whole. While doing that deep inner work in New York, I compulsively looked for the next thing that I had to do to get healed. I wanted my Healer to hurry up and pull all the heavy blocks and burdens out of my body. I wanted to passionately hit a foam cube and scream in my therapist’s office to expedite the release of all my pain. I went to workshop after workshop, searching for another piece to the puzzle, knowing that somehow the effort would pay off in the long run. But 15 years ago, I couldn’t tell you what it would look like when I was finally healed enough to say ‘this life is what I want it to be’. I now know what it is to be whole.

kamana surf pic

            After riding a few more waves, I let the last one take me back to shore. As I swished across the face of the wave, the sky burned magenta. When I stared at that sunset, all I could do was feel that golden sprinkle of gratitude inside. This was how I got to spend my day. When I drove home, I got to kiss the woman I had always dreamed about. When I ate food, I could taste every morsel. I no longer need to pull something out of me and healing was not longer about “getting something” from someone else. There comes a time in the healing process where these in and out movements distract us from being in the hollowness. All those workshops, all those sessions, and all those learning moments with my mentors had surprising left a void. I was taught to fear that void, until I learned to sit in it. This is the step that so many people miss when they are caught up in that dire drive to get healed. When that inner pipe of my being had finally opened up, there was nothing more to do but allow the me-ness to surface into that hollow space. That me-ness attracted the right people and lead me to the right places for new opportunities. I trust that now. I trust that allowing my being to surface through that initial empty space is the true source of joy.

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Post Workshop Integration Video

Here’s a great video that i recommend for anyone who has been to a Bloodline Healing Workshop or some other form of cathartic process work. Enjoy.

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