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George Kamana Hunter is an Intuitive Healer who has been honored as a Spiritual Teacher by an ancient Native Hawaiian family in Kaneohe. His middle name, Kamananuio’keola means Great Spirit of Life in Hawaiian.  His memoir, The Invisible Burden, demonstrates how his Bloodline Healing approach cleanses generational patterns using ceremonial contact with ancestors. The Bloodline Healing Method has shown promising results for resolving historical trauma in such clients as Jewish Holocaust Survivors, Native Americans, the homeless, veterans, physicians, actors, and high-powered entrepreneurs from all cultures.

During his Pre-med studies at CornellUniversity, George was hand picked to be a MIRT Amazon Rainforest Research Assistant by Dr. Eloy Rodriquez, the James Perkins Emeritus Chair of Environmental Studies at CornellUniversity.  After graduating from Cornell with a B.S. in Nutritional Sciences, he became a pioneering Research Associate with the new ComplimentaryAlternativeMedicineCenter at StonyBrookUniversity under Dr. Raja Jaber, MD.  He later worked as a researcher at the Integrative Medicine Department at MemorialSloanKetteringCancerCenter, managing 4 IRB protocols on the effects of Healing Touch and Acupuncture for pain relief in cancer patients.

George pursued a career as a professional Healer after completing 2 apprenticeships focused on intuitive healing, energy healing, and ceremonial medicine for a total of 10 years of training.  He has served as a trusted advisor on Integrative Medicine to physicians and patients in his private practice since 2004. As a Healer, George is known for his keenly accurate intuition, enigmatic healing touch, and his ability to communicate complicated dynamics in simple terms.

An electric speaker and impassioned teacher, George Kamana Hunter has presented at such venues as CornellUniversity and NPR.  He is the Founder of Bluestone Institute for Healing Arts, a school for Intuitive Healers.  Trained as an Intertribal sacred singer, he shares Native American healing songs in talks, workshops and sessions as documented on his CD album titled, “Haven”.  He offers a highly experiential training course for Physicians and Therapists on how to incorporate Integrative Medicine into their private practice. For more information on his work, please visit

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