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Contact:  ghunter199@aol.com or 646 296-2194

Berkshires, MA  

Inter-Generational Bloodline Healing: Embrace Your Ancestral GiftsKripalu
Registration Officially Opens on Feburary 10th, 2014.  Have you claimed your greatest innate gifts?  Each of us inherits both gifts and burdens from our bloodline family.  Our latent talents and passions often reside underneath the unfinished stories which we inherit from our ancestors.   In this liberating event, experience how Bloodline Healing empowers you to release the history and embrace your personal greatness.This program offers:-Direct channeled communication with your spirit ancestry -A multicultural, Indigenous-inspired unburdening ceremony -Intuitive Energy Healing with trained Healers -Guided cathartic release -Family Tree sharing -An Honoring Ceremony -Spontaneous LaughterBe seen. Be courageous.  Be the free member of your family!A Brief Entry Interview is required for this Intensive: Call Kamana at 646-296-2194 or email: ghunter199@aol.comClick here for DETAILED INFO PACKET PDF:Kripalu Info Packet 2014(1)


Contact: ghunter199@aol.com or 646 296-2194

Boulder, CO

Healing With Ancestors, Bloodline Healing Weekend

Adi Shakti Yoga Center

Participate with a rare healing gathering where the very stories and presence of your ancestors become an opportunity to redirect the flow of your own life. The workshop involves cathartic release, speaking with our deceased lineage, and honoring ceremonies. 12pm-6pm
Cost: $250



Contact:  ghunter199@aol.com or 646 296-2194

Simi Valley, CA  

Brandeis Bloodline Healing Weekend RetreatBrandeis
Join us at American Jewish University’s Brandeis-Bardin Campus in Simi Valley, just a short drive from LA.  The workshop begins on Friday night after dinner and concludes on Sunday afternoon at 3pm. For a detailed info packet, please email George Kamana Hunter at ghunter199@aol.com

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