What is Bloodline Healing

Join the critical mass of catalysts who are changing their families for the better.  Let’s carve a new path for the future generations together. Be the free member of your family!

Mission Statement

To end generational violence by reconnecting our most empowered family members to the best intentions and support of their ancestors.

We achieve our Mission through:

  • Hosting intensive workshops where participants speak to their ancestors
  • Creating events for family tree sharing
  • Validating the innate gifts and strengths of family members
  • Publishing inspirational stories about generational healing

Vision Statement

The Bloodline Healing Project will be a global movement which empowers communities to heal the pain of their history so that future generations can lead liberated lives.

About the Bloodline Healing Project

We are a multicultural, multi-faith organization which seeks to support individuals who see the larger patterns of abuse and restriction that their family has inherited.  By creating opportunities for participants to speak to their ancestors in workshops, we have witnessed rapid transformation of abusive situations into fruitful learning experiences and liberating events.  Many people in our organization have walked out of our seminars feeling seen, empowered, and supported to make important life changes.  The process of seeing the bigger picture of our family tree leads to a greater perspective, and with that bigger point of view comes the power to make new choices.

Each family carries a heavy history which can be passed down to the younger generations.  We seek to clarify those inherited burdens so that participants can release them.  We do this by exploring the family tree, sharing painful secrets in a confidential environment, and by engaging in challenging group exercises.  Each family member has an innate gift, an important talent which brings healing when they share it with their community.  Often, to uncover this special gift, the inherited burden must first be lifted with the help of trained facilitators.

The seeds of the Bloodline Healing Project were first planted when a Healer, George Kamana Hunter, was invited to Los Angeles by Dr. Aviva Bernat, MD to offer unconventional healing sessions to her friends, family, and community.  Holocaust survivors soon sought George’s help to alleviate chronic body pains and inherited anxiousness.  The breakthroughs came from asking his clients to feel their connection to their lineage, a process which brought tears of release and a greater appreciation for the life they were living.  Group healing events followed, blossoming into structured 4 day intensive retreats, which were adapted to work in multicultural groups.

Today, the Bloodline Healing Approach continues to grow internationally, offering regular intensive retreats in California, Hawaii, and Istanbul Turkey.  For more information about our upcoming workshops, click hereTo invite the Bloodline Healing Project to your community, contact George Kamana Hunter by clicking here.

Past participants have said:

The workshop was powerful and amazing … since the workshop I have never felt more relaxed and at peace… I haven’t felt that neurotic energy from my family since. In the past I would have been a neurotic – stressed out mess but I feel really grounded and trust so much more deeply that life is unfolding in the most perfect way.

I can’t fully describe the internal shift I’ve been experiencing since the weekend. I feel lighter mentally and physically. Free. I’m laughing more and sharing more and seeing myself and the world around me more clearly and more positively.

I didn’t realize until after the workshop that I have never displayed pictures of my family in any of my homes since graduating from college. I didn’t want a painful visual reminder of lineage and figured the past is something best left behind, but the workshop helped me deal with the toxic elements of my familial history and embrace the good; the rich history of my ancestors who helped shape the person I am today. Now, I pass pictures of my family every day and it makes me smile. Just another example of how the workshop has enriched my life.

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