Calm During the Covid Storm

Covid-19 (a.k.a. The Coronavirus) has disrupted our lives. Fear is prevalent. Many people are still getting used to our new current reality and toilet paper has mysteriously become worth it’s weight in gold. Your first impulse may be to put your life on hold in an effort to weather this storm. To help you stay centered, I will be publishing a series of articles this week on my blog, so check back daily.

Being responsible during Covid doesn’t require putting your life on hold. A healthy response means consistently incorporating a few important habits and making good decisions as you continue living your life.

Stopping your life completely will not make you safer. You can build safe practices into your life by mastering these habits. Frequent, basic handwashing (for 20 seconds+ with any type of soap) is the best habit you can model for your family members. Hand sanitizers with over 60% alcohol are also helpful, but shouldnʻt necessarily replace proper hand washing, so if you didnʻt get hand sanitizer at the store, you are still able to protect yourself and your family from Covid. Avoiding or postponing large gatherings of people is also essential to mitigating the spread over the next 2 months. But it isnʻt necessary to stop essential one on one meetings (like doctor and therapist appointments) or essential work activities unless someone has shared that they are sick. Because information is constantly being updated by Public Health specialists, please see the updated CDC guidelines:

Itʻs natural to have worries about loved ones who may be more suceptible to this flu. People over the age of 65 years of age or those who have other underlying health conditions are most susceptible, so postpone in-person visits for now. Take solace knowing that it’s becoming socially acceptable to call or video chat to share your love with them, even if you live nearby. Most importantly, donʻt get pulled into the storm of excessive worries. Knowing the facts and consistently following these guidelines puts you in the eye of the storm. These powerful acts are what you can do during these uncertain times. Too often during fearful moments, I witness how people stop taking care of themselves as they go into service mode taking care of everyone else at their own personal expense. The other thing that happens is that we can descend into the swirl of our own worries, which disconnects us from the outside world. This can exhaust you and make it difficult to adequately eat, rest, and exercise, all of which keep your immune system strong. Itʻs ok to take care of yourself and you are not alone.

To assist you in this aim, I’m opening up additional distance sessions for those who are needing support during this time. I will be opening an LA area office in the near future (details to come), but I have openings for video chat or phone sessions this week. Remember, it’s ok to ask for help. Please email to set up an appointment.

The first step in addressing Covid is addressing physical recovery and basic prevention. The next step is addressing the emotional recovery from all the fear expressed on the news and in your social interactions. When youʻre in your center, youʻre more able to meet the challenges that youʻre facing with a sense of inner calm. A healthy you is a productive and helpful you.

This article was reviewed and approved by a licensed MD.

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