It’s Never too Late to Live

I remember what happened when I started telling everyone about my major life change. The pessimists emerged like sleeping zombies that hadn’t even noticed me until I uttered the words, “I’m moving to Hawaii.” Then suddenly, they flailed in dismay, spewing all the reasons that leaving would be a mistake.

But they weren’t really talking about me and my life change. It was really all about them. They were just echoing what they say everyday to themselves in their own heads and directing it at me. 10 years later, I look back with self assurance that I made the right choice. I imagined if I listened to the agitated zombies, how my life would be so different, how I would have missed out on all the great experiences that I’ve had since breaking from the pack and following my dreams.

In this week’s Monday Motivation, I talk about getting real with yourself about those life changes that you’ve been putting off out of fear!

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