Making a Wish for Yourself

 If you were to make a wish for yourself right now, what would it be? You don’t have to wait for your birthday or for the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve. Making a wish doesn’t even require a blue Will Smith floating above Aladdin’s lamp. You can make a wish for yourself at anytime. 

Before I begin a session with a client in my work as a healer, I always ask them to make a wish for themselves. I do this because making a wish creates an intention for the work that we’ll do together. Intentions give us a North Star to follow, a point of reference that allows us to form short term and long range goals. For example, I recently saw a client that secretly wanted to be a lounge singer. But she was considering a career change into a profession where she would be listening to others talk instead of being the one who was heard. By making a wish to be a lounge singer, she activated all that desire to pursue her true passion. Once that was clear, we were able to set short term goals like enrolling in a voice class to get back into it, and a long term goal of how she would book gigs.

Most people are really hesitant to make wishes. They are conditioned to wait for special occasions. What typically happens is they make wishes for all the other people in their lives, like their family, children, partner or friends. Yet they neglect to make one for themselves. So I insist that they choose a wish specifically for themselves.

When we do wish for something, we honestly admit to ourselves what we need and what we desire. When we share our desire with a supporter, it becomes validated, because someone else is hearing it. This is how manifestation works, by first deciding what you want and then sharing about it with other people to garner support. Making a wish for yourself is also useful because it helps you to focus on how to plan your life moving forward.

My challenge exercise for you this week is to make a wish, say it out loud, and then share that wish with a trusted confidant.

You need not find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow to have what you truly need in your life. Don’t wait for a special occasion to make a wish for yourself. Honestly admitting to yourself about what you truly need is already a special moment.

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