Forgiving the Universe

When I work with clients in healing sessions, every week seems to have its own theme. This weeks theme was about trusting Life again.  Everyone of my clients had some kind of deep disappointment or betrayal that happened to them which change their relationship to their higher power in their lives. Whether you call the great powers of life God, the Universe, or  some other term that is meaningful to you, we all have a relationship with our life. 

When we’ve endured many hardships in the past, our hearts can close to new possibilities. Perhaps a long-term relationship has changed without warning. Maybe I love the one died unexpectedly, which drastically changes your life. Or perhaps your career just hasn’t gone in the way that you wanted it to because life has not presented you with new opportunities. We can hold onto these hard feelings, especially if we havenʻt done something wrong, yet we are negatively impacted by the decisions of others or unexpected life events like a natural disaster.

There are countless reasons why our hearts can remain closed to the potential of our lives. The work of re-opening our hearts to receive new opportunities and new gifts into our lives requires us to forgive the universe for our past hardships. But how do we forgive?

Everybody has their own personal forgiveness process that doesnʻt always fit into a cookie cutter method. However, there are two major exercises that have consistently helped my clients over the years.

  1. Screaming at the Heavens: regardless of what your specific religious or spiritual beliefs may be, the act of verbally venting to the sky has been a human act since biblical times. Pick a point of reference, like the moon or a specific deity or saint. If you donʻt believe in any of these things, talk aloud to a deceased grandma or friend. Honestly release you anger, your dissappointment and fears about the direction your life has taken. I recommend speaking these things out loud in a confidential space and in an uncensored way for maximum cathartic release. Iʻve used this technique for years and none of my clients have been struck down by lightning for honestly sharing how they feel with the Universe. Releasing the hard feelings makes space in your heart for forgiveness to enter.
  2. Count your Blessings. Donʻt try to “be grateful” for all you have. Rather, observe your daily life and write down was is actually new and good about your life. I share more about this exercise in my recent podcast: Trusting Life Again.

As the season changes to summer, allow new flowers to bloom, new relationships to start, and new vacation adventures to happen.

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