Finding Daily Joy

Finding Daily Joy

In my new Podcast, Monday Motivation with G. K. Hunter, I shared 60 seconds of practical guidance about Finding Daily Joy. But let me share some more in-depth insights as to the process of finding joy.


Before we can experience a sense of joy, we must first give ourselves permission to do so. This may sound strange at first. But if you take stock of how much time and space you actually allot to feeling joy, you will quickly realize that it is you who have not allowed yourself to relax long enough to experience joy. There are responsibilities, expectations, job pressures, and pent up emotions that are all waiting on line for your attention. These are the priorities that come before your needs to slow down and experience a moment of rest. Granting inner permission to experience a daily joy becomes easier when you realize that you don’t need to get everything done before you slow down. Daily joy can be scheduled into your life, and with practice, it becomes a part of your daily routine.


Allowing yourself to slow down and just be is not a luxury. Relief is essential to our well being, because it’s the sensation of tension releasing from our bodies. If you allow yourself to feel relief long enough, joy begins to seep in, because joy is our natural state, like a dolphin flipping over the surface of the open ocean. Permission allows relief to happen, relief makes space for joy to shine through whatever pressures or emotions had been eclipsing it from surfacing from inside of you.

Daily Joy

Now it’s time to choose your Daily Joy, meaning an activity or environment that allows you to feel relaxed so that joy can return. This could be a hike in the woods or a self practice like yoga or meditation. It may simple be going into your special chair, turning your phone on silent, and letting the family that you’re not available for 20 minutes. If you are raising kids with your spouse, take turns having your uninterrupted 20 minute period of relaxation.  Commit to doing this everyday. Remember, it’s not selfish to practice Daily joy. This is self-care that will ensure that you are healthy enough to help all those people who rely upon you.

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2 thoughts on “Finding Daily Joy

  1. It’s funny, but most people never ask themselves this question: what makes me happy? and they never do that. It’s insane.

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