Why we Need Personal Retreats

Warren Buffet spends 80% of his time free thinking and reading according to Inc.com. In a similar fashion, Billionaire Jeff Bezos minimizes his meetings and email time in favor of having space and time to envision his next moves. Creating space to be, to dream, and to envision where you are heading is an essential habit of highly successful people. You may already be thinking to yourself, “must be nice to be a billionaire. I wish that I could do the same!”

For most people, taking time away from getting concrete tasks completed can seem like a luxury. But in reality, maintaining a fast paced life without scheduling in retreat time leads to fatigue, decreased efficiency, and even burnout. Retreats are essential to your health and the celebration of your life.

Since ancient times, people have taken sabbaticals and retreats for the sake of rediscovering who they are becoming. It was a chance to reflect on life and catch up with yourself. But most people aren’t in a position to take months off at a time. This is why having an annual personal retreat is so important. Just one week of purposeful rest can rejuvenate your mind, clarify the next steps of your lives, and release past habits and relationships that no longer serve you. We all need a place to dump it all out, all that past stress that weights us down. This is why Native Hawaiian people have a practice called au’ au’ kai, which means to wash off in the ocean. It allows you to release your stress into the pristine, crystal teal waters found in Hawaii, renewing your mind and replenishing your life force.

In the retreats that I facilitate with my clients, I offer three essential elements. Firstly, I help them create a safe for healing. To do that, I help them create a personal healing shrine in the privacy of their hotel room. We decorate that shrine with keepsakes, a bowl of ocean water, flowers, and colorful cloth. Marie Kondo, the tidying expert who founded The KonMari Method, said “The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past.” Creating an intentional healing space in an energy rich environment like Hawaii allows us to clearly experience who we are becoming. It also teaches the client how to create sacred space for when they return home.

Secondly, I provide them with intuitive guidance on what they are holding onto from the past. By understanding what is weighing you down, you can get at the heart of why you feel fatigued. I help my clients unburden those often invisible energy drains. This requires several uninterrupted hours as seen in the retreat format, because one hour sessions do not provide enough time to fully unwind for the deeper release.

Finally, once the heaviness has been cleansed, I teach my clients a guided energy healing technique to help them replenish their personal energy levels. I adapt and customize these exercises to meet each specific client.

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By the end of the retreat, my clients feel centered, energized, and ready to make big life decisions. Taking the time and space to heal and rejuvenation is not a luxury. It’s a long-term necessity. Click here for info on Retreats in Hawaii

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