Fire and Fear

As we continue on our quest to manifest a vision for the new year (see my January Blog posts) , we will eventually face the inner fight between our passionate Fire and our Fear of change.

Know that we all go through many fears once we commit to making the new vision of our lives a reality. It feels like a risk to admit that we have a new direction for where our lives are heading. We fear criticism of our desires and dreams. The critical reactions from people in our lives can make us doubt whether or not the change is the right move to make. We may even hesitate to pursue the new vision because it comes with the responsibility of hearing our inner truth, a truth that our loved ones may not immediately understand.

But before you get lost in the whirlwind of inner fears, come back to the Fire inside of you. We all have an Inner Fire that ignites when we receive a passionate vision for our lives. The Fire inside of us finally gets to break free as we pursue our dreams of becoming a singer, or starting a business, or moving to new place that calls to you.

But receiving a vision and telling people about it are only the beginning actions when manifesting a vision. We must also summon our inner passion and channel that Fire into our actions. However, when we feel those fears, they can take up all your inner space. You Fire needs that inner space in order to expand and thrive. Action happens when our Inner Fire grows stronger than our fears. How do we get past that tipping point from procrastination to taking action?

Try this: Write down all your fears onto a loose piece of paper. Be as detailed about your hesitations and doubts as you wish. When you have a complete list of your fears, take a few deep breaths and feel the fear leaving with your breath. Unload the fear through conscious breathing as much as possible. When the fear of change turns to more of a sense of excitement, that is the moment when your Inner Fire is becoming greater than your fear. When this happens, burn the piece of paper in a large cooking pan to celebrate that your Fire is growing, and with it, your confidence in the new vision.

Remember, it’s normal to be scared and you can still accomplish your goals even while you are feeling fear. Summon your Fire!

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