Voicing Your Vision

In my New Years’ post, Be Your Own Visionary, I shared about how your feelings can reveal that a new vision for your life is emerging inside of you. We feel a vision before we see it. We see a vision before we know what it means. But once we know it, we can make plans to change our lives in a way that brings the vision into reality.


After you have seen the vision in your mind, the next step to manifesting that vision is to express it.  Writing about your vision allows it to take form in the physical world, just like a composer must stroke the piano keys and write the notes down in order to free the song from the confines of one person’s head. Writing down a vision makes it more real. When you read what you have written down, you become the first witness of the vision becoming a reality.

The next step is to reveal the vision to trusted supporters who will see its merit and give you encouragement. Sharing the vision prematurely with overly critical people can be detrimental, because early criticism can cause you to lose motivation and momentum. You need that drive to birth a brainchild into an actual accomplishment. Protect the vision by choosing your most trusted supporters.

In his memoir “On Writing”, Stephen King shares about his writing process. He starts off with an idea that just comes to him. As the visual story unfolds in his mind, he captures the characters, the details, and the happenings on the page. After a few edits, he shares his work with his most trust confidant, his wife and fellow author Tabitha King. Her responses are like nourishment to him. Each laugh at a funny line boosts his enthusiasm for working on the piece. Her feedback becomes trusted insights on how he could further develop the story. Then he sends the book off to his editor to further refine the work. All of this happens before the finished vision is even released into the greater world of readers.

As a vision reveals itself to you, spend time with it. Get to know it. Make it real by writing it down. Then, carefully share your vision with those that you sense will support it as you clarify your plans for manifesting that vision.

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