Riding the Waves of Life

It’s during times of uncertainty that Life asks us to move out of our comfort zone in order to grow. But because these moments happen beyond our control, it can bring up a lot of fear. That fear interrupts our ability to trust that Life is taking care of us and that everything will be OK. Financial ups and downs, arguments with friends or loved ones, and bad news can bring up waves of emotions that shake us. It often happens without us immediately knowing why Life is shaking us up.

When this fear first arrives, we may feel too disturbed to trust the way our lives are heading. We can’t immediately see the solution, so we go on high alert and worry about what might happen next. If the waves have rocked us for a long time, doubt about things getting better can arise. How do we ride these waves?

kamana on a wave

As vulnerable as we can feel during money struggles, relationship shifts, and work challenges, we often don’t recognize our innate strength to weather the storm. Are you giving yourself enough credit for your resourcefulness and resiliency? Have you navigated such waves in the past? Did you emerge from those past trials as a stronger person who has clarity on how to change their life? When the waves hit us hard, it’s time to remember how adaptable we can be.

Before you can see the bigger picture that shows us the long term benefits of your struggles, it is necessary to remember how past challenges awakened our empowerment. When you struggle to see our inner strength, spending time with a supporter who sees how capable you are can bring you back to center. From that balance point of self confidence, you can recognize your ability to ride the waves to shore, on your way to solid ground again.

I’m passionate about surfing. It’s a metaphor for navigating the waves of Life. Each time I paddle out, I don’t know what the conditions of the ocean will be. In the video below, I was face with waves that were as tall as me. They were powerful and they moved fast. Each wave challenged me to rise to the occasion as I raced across the waters of Oahu. Fear became exhilaration, as I caught the waves and had some great rides.

Try Surfing for yourself as part of your Personal Hawaii Healing Retreat. Find out more here.

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