Personal Retreats in Hawaii

kahala beach palm tree

Imagine yourself creating a personally meaningful shrine in your hotel room or vacation home on the island of Oahu. This shrine calls forth your hidden strengths and your ability to manifest the life that you have been longing to live. It becomes the symbolic reminder that life has so much more to offer you when you step into your personal power.

In front of the shrine, you share about the hardships and burdens which have been blocking you from feeling the fulfillment in your daily life. While you release the emotions about these struggles, the friend that you brought is holding your hand in loving support. You ask yourself: “Why did I have to go through this hardship?” This process washes away the burdens you have been carrying and the gifts from the struggle are finally revealed. At the end of the process, I hold up a mirror so that you can see, firsthand, your newfound strength.

After the work for the day is done, you walk to the beach and plunge into the warm turquoise waters of Hawaii. The ocean pulls the pain away from you and reinvigorates your body with liquid celebration. The sight of palm trees and green mountains, the smell of tropical flowers, and the rolling sound of the ocean waves clear your senses so that you can truly remember how sweet life can be. You sleep that night feeling understood and replenished in a way that your busy life doesn’t normally allow.

Personal retreats in Hawaii are a powerful and enjoyable way to clear away the old and invite a fresh perspective into your life. What better place to shed the rough past and to remember the feeling of mother nature’s gentle embrace than Hawaii? This healing can happen if you make your self care a priority. Then you will see why many of my clients make an annual journey to Hawaii to renew themselves.

For more information visit: Hawaii Retreats or call 646 296-2194 to set up a free 30 minute planning meeting.

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