“Lion Heart: The Will to Live” Blog Post

Aloha All

As we enter into the New Year, I’d like to share a remarkable, or dare I say miraculous, story of recovery from illness. Meet Alex Flatley, a young college student who found himself in a coma during his final exams. He was diagnosed with encephalitis, viral meningitis, and sepsis. For those not in the medical field, that means that his entire body, including his brain and spinal column, was infested with a variety of bacteria and viruses to such a degree that it threatened his life. His doctors prepared his family for the worse and gave little hope for Alex’s survival.

While he was in a coma, Alex felt a profound connection to his deceased father who had died just 4 years before Alex had collapsed into a coma. His father in spirit told him to be strong and don’t give up. And he did. Shortly after the spiritual contact with his father on the other side, Alex awoke from the coma.

When he first woke up, he wasn’t able to recognize his own mother.  Alex thought she was a nurse. His physicians again prepared the family for the possibility that he might not regain his mental functioning. His physician said that he wouldn’t be able to return to school again for his next semester 3 months after his coma. But Alex was determined to continue living his life. With the help of his mother, he ate right, walked every day, and eventually recalled some memories from the past. He proved the experts wrong again by going back to school after the summer break. That semester, he made the Dean’s list.

When I first spoke to Alex on the phone, he had already been through this ordeal. I was humbled by the sheer power of his story. The thing that struck me most about Alex was his amazing will to live, as well as his boundless optimism. He refreshed my belief that human beings are capable of so much more than we expect. I am grateful to his medical team that kept treating him no matter how grim the odds may have looked. I honor his mother and family for believing in his ability to recover. In Alex, I honor his will to live his life to the fullest. Take a look at Alex Flatley now in this short video titled “Lion Heart”. Dream big this New Year!


2 thoughts on ““Lion Heart: The Will to Live” Blog Post

  1. It is amazing how powerful the mind is in the absence of fear, the seed that Alex’s father planted bloomed when he needed it most-very inspiring, thanks for sharing this story George. Happy New Year!!

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