Happy New Year

G. Kamana Hunter

G. Kamana Hunter


As I sat in front of my desk at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, I stared out the window at the cold gray sky in Manhattan.  I had been working as a Research Associate in the Integrative Medicine Department with plans to go to medical school.  But being there was not longer bringing me a sense of purpose.  The energy of helping cancer patients had faded. Coincidentally, my second apprenticeship in Intuitive Healing was coming to an end.  I had come to the fork in the road. Do I become a Doctor or a Healer?

Though I still admired doctors, I knew that my intuitive gifts and creative needs were not a good fit for the medical field.  I had made my decision.  I would become a Healer.

It has been ten years since I first started my private practice as a Healer in Manhattan. Starting my own practice was a passionate risk that took me on an adventure to many new places. I feel fortunate to have a following in NY, Santa Fe, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hawaii and abroad. It is because of the support of clients like you that I have been able to make my dream job become a reality.  My private practice birthed the Bluestone Institute for Healing Arts which trained other Healers in Intuitive Healing.  It was also my test kitchen for developing the Bloodline Healing method for trans-generational healing.  Working with clients one-on-one even inspired my debut memoir:  “The Invisible Burden: A Memoir of Generational Healing”, which will be on Amazon this April.  It has been a fruitful decade.
I reflect fondly on the many curious and wonderful faces that have walked through my door. Thank you to all my clients for trusting me to be your guide to a brighter and fuller expression of our shared humanity.

My new policies and updated rates are now on my website https://gkhunter.com/sessions-policies/ . I will also be posting a calendar of upcoming workshops on my website shortly.

I foresee this next year being one of major milestones and positive changes. Like a horse, it will move fast and true.  May your fruitful projects bring you new found fulfillment. As we celebrate this New Year, I thank you for being a part of my journey.


G. K. Hunter

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3 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Lisa Niver Rajna

    Congrats! Mazel Tov!
    Ten years is an achievement to be recognized. Mahalo!

  2. Kamana,
    Mazel Tov! Congrats!
    Ten years is an achievement to be recognized.
    To another fifty more of healing and evolution!
    Mahalo! Aloha!

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