Super Granny

6 British thugs arrived on scooters in Northampton, England. They were dressed in black and camouflage winter jackets. All of them wore full face mask motorcycle helmets. A few carried gym bags and one wielded a sledgehammer. 
Courtesy of CBS News

From over a block away, Super Granny, a mild mannered shopper dressed in red, saw the men descending on a jewelry shop. From the distance, she thought that the men were beating someone up. Her adrenaline pumped, striding her legs towards the group of marauders. She closed the gap quickly to meet one of the unsuspecting men with a swinging pocketbook. The stunned man backed away in surprise. His accomplice laced into a glass window with a sledgehammer, popping a hole, then quickly shoveling gold chains into a knapsack.
At this point, Granny realized that this was actually a robbery, not a beating. 3 scooters waited on the street for the getaway. Super Granny, still enraged by the robbery in broad daylight, just kept swinging. She hurled her bag at another surprised thief and landed another blow. On second thought, Granny was right. This was a beating. But she was the one giving it. 
Courtesy of CBS News.

Their helmets made it tough for them to see grandma coming, so she had the element of surprise. One of the men raised the hammer in a threat to hit her, but she continued her solo onslaught, making the attacker back away. Granny’s efforts were enough, as the thieves rushed to their scooters for a getaway. 
Store owners and shoppers watched in amazement as this woman interrupted the crime and scared away 6 grown men. Most observed the scene as if it wasn’t their problem. A handful of men snapped out of their trance, found their bollocks (balls) and grabbed the escapees. Two of the scooters toppled over during the getaway as a crowd pinned the 4 thugs to the ground. Two men got away. The captured criminals are awaiting trial.

Ann Timson, AKA Super Granny
This scene happened a week ago. Many are calling Super Granny a hero, because of the courage that she exhibited during the crime. She has argued that she was not a hero and was just doing her job. I, too, honor her courage, though I feel that calling her a hero is not the most powerful way to view this woman. It is far more powerful to call her an Elder. 
She represents a grandmother who is doing her share to make her community a better place. Elders ensure that communities maintain respect. During the robbery, many people just stared at the situation. Though there were men witnessing the assault, they watched the crime like pissing cupid statues which were still drunk from Valentine’s day. Super Granny had to fill this vacuum by also becoming a warrior, an enforcer of respect. Some may laugh at the notion of a friendly cookie baker going commando. But, in reality, grandmas have been filling in the gap of responsibility for generations. This often includes filling in for the responsibility of men as protectors.

I think back to my own great grandmother, Dot Kennedy. Raised from tough Irish stock, she lost her father early on, so she learned to fill in the gaps for herself. Grandma Kennedy gave my mom’s side of the family direction and created a safe haven for all of us. At her house, we were always welcomed and protected. Her home was the safest place I have ever known. Both big hearted and hard headed, my grandmother could put together a big family party just as quickly as she could clear the room with a piercing stare. She was the most powerful member of our family, a level of influence that far exceeded bodybuilders, cops and ex-cons.

My great Grandma Kennedy with her husband W. Lester Kennedy (Pop).
Grandma Kennedy remains my hero, but more importantly, she was a true Elder of the family. Without her, some of us might have been homeless, destitute, lost or ungrateful for the lives we were given. My Grandma passed on years ago, but her robust presence is still with our family. She inspires me to be a Healer and a responsible man each day of my life.
Though many would look at Super Granny in England as a surprising champion of the community, it really makes sense. After all, think of how many of our families would be shattered without the powerful care and dignity that grandmothers bring. Think of how many convicts could learn respect from a solid grandmother, a lesson that would inspire better choices.  Perhaps the thieves in England needed a grandma to put them in their place.  What does it mean for our societies if our Elders must also be our warriors?
These criminals in Northampton, England were only apprehended because a few people followed the grandma’s lead and detained the lawbreakers. Before her courageous charge, people stood on the peripheral of the camera lens, just watching. Somehow, the brave presence of an Elder gave the witnesses permission to act. A group of citizens then mobilized for the protection of the community. Thankfully, no one was hurt, except the pride of the 6 bruised criminals. 
Super Granny is, indeed, a rare Elder. I hope she inspires all of us to honor and emulate the faithful Elders in our own lives.

To see the video of Super Granny who fought off the thieves, go to


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